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A client in demanded for a sample .....what should i do

He sent heavy instructions about data entry and demanded a sample before hiring me and he just joined fiverr in sep 2019. what should i do .
Please suggest me.Thanks

You can’t start working without an order, a 5$ gig can be the sample.


Well am new to Fiverr so am not here to advice you rather am here to share my experience with you. Same happens to me a while ago. An a buyer contacted me and gave me some specific instructions and requested for an sample before placing an order. Am in the graphic designing stream, so when they requested a sample from me, I watermarked the sample and sent it to the buyer, then after buyer didn’t respond. So I dropped a message asking whether the sample has met buyers requirement, but nothing from buyer. So yeah there are lot of scammers on Fiverr I guess.


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Thanks a lot for experienced suggestion.:blush::star_struck: