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A client messaged me 3 hours ago and when i opened his message box on fiverr there was written "this client can no longer be contacted. It will not affect your response rate."

What does that mean? Can anyone explain?

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You are likely to receive more replies if you just put a single sentence as your heading.


hehe my bad…

You can use the little edit pen, and maybe say “What does this mean?” as your heading, and then put all the information in your current heading as the message in your post above.


Heading can be edited but there is no option to edit the message box…

This is spam. He was banned faster than you opened the message.


If you click the little pen at the bottom of the message box you can edit it.


Ohh okay. Thank you so much.

Don’t worry … the client was spamming… It won’t effect your response rate or anything :slight_smile:


Hello I’m new here too, and immediately got a few messages, only one profile had a picture. How can we differentiate between spammers/scammers and real people?

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The main way to differentiate between scammers and real buyers is by the content of their messages. You can’t completely judge a buyer by their join date or location or whether they have a profile picture, as you risk losing genuine ones.

Keep in mind that scammers and spammers will usually try to get you to violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service in some way, such as handing out your details, doing business on another site, or working without prior payment. That’s the best way to spot them.

Of course, a few real buyers will be unaware of Fiverr’s Terms of Service and may unknowingly ask you to break them. These real buyers will often change their approach once they’re made aware of what they’re doing. A spammer/scammer typically won’t change their approach, as they’re relying on you to break the rules for their own personal gain.

In addition to scammers and spammers, you’ll also encounter time wasters – guys who just want to chat or people who want to hire you to do totally unrelated stuff. These aren’t easy to spot, as they’ll often disguise their intentions for a little while.


Usually when I get that it is spam.

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but for this reason my response rate came at 100 % to 83%