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A client placed order without topic and requirements

A client placed order on my gig since yesterday without topics and requirements.
We didn’t have prior discussion before the order was placed, and I didn’t give the client an offer as well.
What could be the reason and what should I expect to happen if the requirements are not given?


As far as I know without fulfiling the requirements section the order will not start. You can ask the buyer. When he will see the questions he can help you out.

true, just ask them to fullfil the requirements

It’s really a bad situation,
I know.
Now, You should ask your buyer what you need to get started the order,
when he give your requirement then you should start your work :innocent:


The reason is pretty obvious: he/she found your gig and placed the order consciously as its not a single step process. However, when the details are not provided in the requirements, then the order does not start unless you confirm it by selecting the option for “I’ve already got all the necessary details about the order”

You probably should contact your buyer.

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@kcpreechlucy Go to your GIG settings and select that when ordering requirements are mandatory not optional. This way order won’t start unless seller types something or provides you with file. For all my GIGs I set up mandatory requirements.


I did that the day I created my gig.
So it is yet to count. What could be the next thing if the client refuse to provide requirements?

The buyer hardly come online. Yet to come online since the order was placed on

I have but yet to the client online.
I just leave the order like that. Can’t make mistake of accepting it

I have…
No response.

I had a buyer who placed order and for 8 hours nothing. So what I did (and this is only because I am new seller, I would never do this if I had my orders frequently) I prepared what he need but I send image of it with watermark over in order and I asked, this is my draft sample if you have any requirements and changes I will wait for your input in order to complete this order. And then I just forgot about him. If he did not respond until end of order I would just file to cancel on CS.

Can’t reach the buyer…
Hardly come online…
The buyer check on my gig last month and he or she is placing order yesterday. No topic, no idea.

If you have set the requirements to be mandatory, then the order won’t start until your buyer fulfills them.

Here you have two options, either you message your buyer reminding them to attach whatever is that you need, so the clock can get started, or wait past 7 days, on which you could contact CS, politely asking them to please cancel the order, since the buyer failed to fulfill the requirements. This cancellation won’t affect your stats.

Why filing cancel?
As far as it can’t count, I think the best is to leave it that way. After all the buyer is one losing until I click the button " I have everything needed".
I think Fiverr should the requirements is not complete so I couldn’t continue

If the order timer is still not running then yes, you do not have to cancel anything.

Do I need to even contact CS?
I made requirements compusory on my gig.
I have messaged the client. He hasn’t been online since then.
The buyer contacted me last month…
Never know the buyer will place order without even given me the topic

I haven’t accept the order yet.
I hope it will not be done automatically by Fiverr.
That is my fear

Yes, it’s the only way. And please wait for the given time span.

If you ask for the order to be cancelled before the 7 days, the cancellation will count against you, and it will also do if you let it rest for too long. So just wait past those 7 days and contact CS explaining the situation.

Even when the time is not counting?
I think Fiverr said until the requirements are submitted, it will not begin to count?
Thanks for the idea though

Yes, the order won’t start, but the cancellation will count against you if you cancel:

  • Before the 7 days have passed.
  • If the order has be sitting awaiting requirement for too long.

You’re most welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: