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A client Sent me his Whatsapp no and i said Nothing

A buyer asked me for a custom order and before that he sent me his whatsapp number and i said nothing. and sent him a custom order. middle of the conversation he said that “check your whatsapp number” but i didn’t provide him.

will it affect my profile?

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No, it will not, and you can just reply that it’s against TOS and you have to keep all communication on fiverr.

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I would just block him at this point since he persisted.


I think you made a bad move here…
If you feel that your buyer want to communicate outside fiverr…, better not to send him/her custom offer first.

Before send an custom offer…, please make sure your buyer know that Fiverr seller can’t communicate outside fiverr…, and if your buyer can’t accept that…, then better ask him/her looking for someone else.

This way…, you can safe your performance from “canceling order”


I have to concur with the comments here.

The first mention of trading contact info for another platform would have caused me to “warn” the Buyer that it would violate Fiverr ToS to use that platform.

If the Buyer pushed, I would just block 'em and move on.

No job is worth a violation.


I have a question which might has been asked many time but I want to have my assurity as I am very much worried about it.
A buyer directly used the word “whats app” (I am writing with space between 2 words intentionaly) and “sms” as buyer was new at fiverr even though I did not asked any of these information.
I just simply replied that I strictly follow fiverr TOS rules and I only work here and I blocked the buyer as well.
So my question is will I get any warning for this?


No. The warnings pop up pretty much immediately and staff would review the chat log if any of you were warned, so they’d see you haven’t done anything against ToS and do nothing to you.

And actually, you can mention nearly every social media platform carelessly without getting a warning. Not everything is flaggable, but it’s best not to say anything.

Thanks mattboa.
Actually buyer used the word not me, so I was scared whether I will get the warning or not that’s why I posted this matter.
Thank you for your reply.

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