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A client was unable to place order on my gig


Hello guys i am new to fiverr i got my first order yesterday and it was a successful one but today a client tried to buy my gig but the Paypal page he was directed to is showing a different language is this supposed to happen?


This the only time I have had this happen to me. Paypal advised me not to trust the site so I cancelled my order. I completed another order today with a different seller and had no problems. Everything went just like it has in the past. I have used this payment method for several years and for a wide variety of purchases with nothing like that happening before.


Cancel and re-do the order.


Canceled and attempted to re-order 3 times. Same results. Then I called Paypal.



i pray that works


@baggervance Paypal told you to not trust Fiverr??


No they said not to trust the site I was sent to when I clicked on check out


i am new at fiverr. I placed an order and payed from my master card. I did it twice for the same order but both times the end screen cant proceed with order. But payment have been deducted from my master card. Also the dashboard is not showing any buyer tab from where i can manage my purchases. Help me to solve this matter and also how can i recover my payment?