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A Comment on Pricing

I decided to start this post because of a comment in another thread. I didn’t want to respond fully there since it might have led to a side discussion, so I offered only a brief comment there and am offering some more thoughts on pricing in this thread. This is the comment that got me thinking:

I’m a little frustrated by reading posts by people who can choose to price their gigs any way they wish, but instead come to the forum to mock those who try to sell at higher prices.

I can go to my local WalMart and buy a cardboard tube of processed ground cellulose and a little cheese for less than a dollar. It is labeled “parmesan” and some people actually like it on their pizza. At the same Wal-Mart, I can buy a wedge of cheese also labeled Parmesan. It isn’t high quality, but it tastes a bit better and it costs around $5 a wedge. I don’t fault anyone who likes it. Personally, I love good Italian food so I go to a local market that has imported cheese labeled Parmesano-Reggiano and is cut from a cheese wheel and tastes like heaven. I feel lucky to be able to afford it once in awhile since it’s about $20 for a very tiny wedge.

If I were Rachael Ray, perhaps I’d just have some perfect aged Parmesano-Reggiano delivered to me by jet and I might pay some price that sounds insane to others. I can’t do that, and honestly I wouldn’t, but who am I to fault a restaurant chef who might fly to Italy and buy the best for a high-end restaurant?

It’s about quality up to a point but it’s also about perception. Sometimes high prices are justified and sometimes they aren’t, but that is between any buyer and seller anywhere. Just keep that in mind instead of stirring pots that could be put to better use making good food with good cheese. :wink:


I am a PRO seller and was asked about my pricing in another thread. I will repeat the answer here as a point of discussion.

What sets you apart from writers who charge less than that?
I think this comes in two parts - any actual difference in the work I do, and that of “perceived value.” In terms of the work I do, I most certainly do not think that my work is five (or four, three, or two) times better than writers who charge less. Although some areas of quality can be objective, much of the value of writing is subjective. How does it use context and narrative, does it cover off key points, does it cite authoritative sources, do you write like you know what you’re talking about? I base my rates (both externally and on Fiverr) on several areas:

  • The specialized niches I write in - business, tech, SaaS etc. These tend to command higher rates.
  • My experience - I have a background in business, project management, technology, running a business, etc.
  • Writing from the perspective of the reader - aiming to educate, inform, or inspire.
  • Proven record writing for other known businesses.
  • The research I need to do to write with confidence.
  • And, most importantly, the confidence to ask for (and stick to) those rates.

In terms of “perceived quality” - some clients simply want to pay more. Even if my article is only 1.1 times as good as someone charging $20, some buyers will look at my price and think “I am paying more, he must be a better writer.” It gives them reassurance.

I believe that freelancers do often undervalue their work. The issue is that many clients are very price sensitive, and for those buyers, the regular Fiverr market makes perfect sense. PRO gigs are not designed for that market, they are designed for the “perceived value” market. I don’t think there’s any reason the two cannot exist in harmony.




I agree with you. I have a relative who won’t buy something unless it costs a lot of money. She does like quality and she has a kind of nose for it, so most of the time I think she does get reasonable return for spending more. Once in a while, though, it doesn’t work out and she spends a lot for a piece of junk. I don’t think she cares, it means a lot to her to have expensive things in her home and she can afford it.

Business people have to decide what kind of market they are shooting for and try things out. What works for one person won’t work for everyone. There is room in the marketplace for all kinds of clients and all kinds of business people. :slight_smile:


@thecreativeguys You owe me $1000.00 for that quote. :credit_card:


I think that’s the whole principle behind Fiverr PRO. In fact, the ability to test multiple price points is extremely helpful.

I am right there with you. I will splurge for a $20 chunk whenever I can. Good taste!


Amen to this whole thread!

Honestly, if anyone can get someone to pay more for their product - GOOD FOR YOU. We should be supporting each other and not tearing each other down? All talents are not created equal and every individual brings something different to the table.


You’re absolutely right and everyone should :heart: your post.


I agree with this post 100%! Usually it’s the opposite complaint that’s heard; people saying that too many freelancers are charging too little and driving down the overall price of the market. Now there are complaints that people are charging too high? It’s weird. I’m glad to see higher price points. It makes it easier for all of us to charge more. I like being the “middle of the road” price point myself. I’m not super cheap. Some buyers say I’m took expensive. But there are others charging a lot more than me too. I feel like my prices reflect my skill level. I’m new to freelancing and I don’t know very much about SEO, but I have a degree in Creative Writing and have had my serialized fiction on several sites. I think that puts the quality of my work right in the middle of the pack, at least at this point in my career. I love that Fiverr allows me to choose a price that I feel really reflects my skills and experience.


When people ask how much I am worth, my answer is always the same - “However much clients are willing to pay.”

A huge amount of being a freelancer, and perhaps the most undervalued skill is self-confidence. Being able to understand what your time is worth and having the chutzpah to ask for it. And that becomes a great filter for the work you are (and aren’t) prepared to do.


Actually I was gonna make a new thread, but then I saw this thread. I was late, lol.

Anyway, regarding prices, I think sellers who don´t have a pro gig shouldn´t worry so much (I mean, if anyone worries at all). Gigs that have a PRO label and don´t have the PRO label are not aimed for the same target markets anyway. I mean, in reality, not everyone would buy a PRO gig, just like not everyone would come and spend their money to eat in a michelin star restaurant. Citizen of the internet comes from different backgrounds and they have different point of views and needs.

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Could not agree more.

The prices have to be realistic. If I see a lawyer charging $500 to $1,000 on Fiverr, I can probably go to LegalZoom and get the same thing done from $100 to $500, or I can hire another lawyer on Fiverr that will do it for less.

Most people don’t understand marketing, even I only understand one part of marketing, advertising, which means I had to learn the hard way the importance of pricing to sell vs. pricing what you think your services are worth.

A person may think “I’m a talented graphic designer, my logos are worth $500,” but if nobody hires you at that price, then are they really worth $500? They are not.

On the other hand, if someone wants to be happy getting one order a month by charging $500 and $1,000, they can do that. I would hope that people have bigger ambitions than one order a month, then again, not everyone is on Fiverr to make money and not everyone wants to work for less than X dollars. So I get their point, I’m just thinking that it’s better to get a lot of orders charging $5-$50 than few or no orders at $100-$1,000.


@fastcopywriter I always (or at least most of the time, lol) like what you post and this is one of them. You are always realistic and tell things as it is.

But, I would like to add, who your clients are depends on where you are at in life and/or who you attract. I´m talking about clients outside Fiverr.

˝You need to be what you want to attract.˝


Yes lot of one have same problem

I don’t think who I am determines what clients I get. I’ve gotten all kinds of clients, from Christians to bordello operators, from charities to MLM’s, the saints, sinners, even a few politicians believe it or not.

Now it’s true that if I was yelling “No Adult! No Tobacco! No MLMs!” then I wouldn’t get those clients. However, those are rarely the worst clients, the worst clients are often people who seem nice, friendly, and then become picky and demanding.

My point is never judge a client for what he does or what he sells, judge him for how he treats you after you deliver. When he demands a revision, does he offer constructive criticism? Examples of what he likes? Reasons why he didn’t like what you gave him?

Or do you get the “I don’t like it.”

Like today, delivered a revision to Ms. I don’t like it. For my efforts, she gave me 1 stars for “order again” and 5 stars for the other two categories. In other word, 3.5 stars. Was it worth it? I don’t know, it was a $30 order so I made $24.

I’m worried because my Orders Completed stand at 91% I’d like to be closer to 100%.


Yes, that´s why I said ˝and/or˝ coz in reality sometimes you do get clients depends on your circle (or who you attract to be exact). The fact that I used ˝and/or˝ should suggest that I understand that´s of course not always the case. :slight_smile:

True that. :slight_smile:

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That’s a good way to think about it :slight_smile: I really like how easy it is to experiment with pricing on Fiverr, so that we can figure out exactly what people are willing to pay. I’ve raised my prices a few times and each time I thought that people would stop buying from me. I figured if that happened, then I would just drop my prices back down again. I was especially nervous when I raised the price of my premium gig to $595. It hasn’t slowed my customer traffic flow yet. It’s still my most popular package :slight_smile: But then if I ever do see a decrease in customers I can lower my pricing. I really like that feature :slight_smile:

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It’s one of the areas I am looking forward to experimenting with…

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