A Commitment to Community: Updates to Our Product


I find these changes positive. I hope the next ones will be the supression of the 60-day limited ratings in UI and some changes in how PRO are handled in the marketplace, stating they are just different price tier and not making regular sellers are just low quality in comparison to them. Nice the supression of the lowest rated order every St.Level, that is a nice touch, and the buyer ban option, a must have.


Great news. Thank you.


What if we feel a buyer leaves us an unjust review or a possible glitch/error and we want to leave them feedback? I am not a huge fan of the blind review. Please bring back the feedback modification form :frowning_face:


There is only one thing sellers can do about the changes to the review system and that is to try not to care about reviews at all.


But unfortunately so much depends on a reviews… they’re almost an obsession. lol :no_mouth::tired_face:


Why care about something we are totally helpless about, that is stacked against us in some ways? It does no good to even worry about it. I doubt if I will even look at my reviews from now on.


I wish I could let go like that… life would be so much easier…


You know, you have control over your own reactions to things. This is good practice for that knowledge. Don’t allow something that is beyond your control to affect you.


Thanks Crystal… I actually need this lesson for on and offline stuff right now.


You’re welcome. I try to keep this in mind as much as possible. We are the boss of our minds. The mind makes a great servant but a terrible master.


You’re right misscrystal, I guess it’s better to just let things be now. I need to take your approach more.


Thank you so much Fiverr!!!


Here’s an idea- stop telling people they have been nominated for TRS. We already know that 99.999% of those people won’t be promoted to TRS.

Becoming TRS should be a surprise, unexpected. Getting people’s hopes up only to let them down is cruel.


About F***ing time

Yup, we are becoming Upw0rk


It’s more cruel when you get the "we’ve decided you’re staying at level 2’ message, before you get the nominated for TRS message. I’ve had this twice now. Talk about bugs…


Exactly. If Fiverr does too much, the potential for bugs increases.

These are the only messages I welcome:

  1. New Order
  2. Revision request
  3. Cancellation

That’s all I need.


This is a awesome and great news. I think its helpful for all fiverr sellers.
Thanks fiverr.


Is it just me that sees that or the review system is back to what it was?(you can see 1k+ reviews, not only from the last 60 days??


Nice & effective statement. Thanks


Yes it’s back :heart_eyes: