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Well, a seller can’t compete if they get more bad luck than others in terms of cancellations, bad buyers, etc. Because of some sellers’ lack of luck, Fiverr unfairly weeds them out :frowning:


True dat! But happy investors play a crucial part as well.

Good point. Trust is when a person or company shows exceptional reasons why I should put trust in them. My guard is always up, so the trust gotta be earned.

A flip side to this point is. Sometimes, with the changes, it feels as if they are my Employer when they are not paying for my healthcare, if I should become pregnant, :pregnant_woman:t4: they will not offer maternity leave etc. As a Seller, I shouldn’t be feeling this way but I do.

People should realize that we are just bodies, irreplaceable bodies. One wave decides to move on to bigger & better things. The next wave :ocean: bring Sellers eager & enthusiastic about working on this website. Rinse & Repeat!

Also, let us not forget about this looming turn Mr. Maplesden shared.

Matt ~ Fiverr Staff member said on several occasions that they do read the forums. I’m sure they take things into consideration. However, waiting an eternity for things to come to fruition is not encouraging. People get bored and concentrate on other business ventures!

Miss Crystal is right in terms of capital Fiverr is sitting comfortably.

Wow, this thread is almost at :five::zero::zero: :astonished:


Just how much is actually luck is the question. We have to adapt, find ways to make it work no matter what they do.

Of course you’re right though. Great sellers can get slammed with things under this system beyond their control. And I’ve seen it happen quite a bit in surprising ways.

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When I say “us”, I mean “those who provides services”.

I don’t know, as I said before, I lack of the crystal ball to know what could be going on Fiverr but, if this were to be true, it is the very nature of free market.

Why should you? You must not feel so as you’re not Fiverr’s employee and Fiverr is not obliged to provide you nothing but the space and enough tools and protection for you to work on. Fiverr is also bound to RESPECT you as what you are - not only for being a person but for being your own boss as a freelancer running your own business. Fiverr is just an intermediary.

Empires decay and auto destroy. If Fiverr were to forget and don’t mind the value of qualified sellers, it won’t last long. Once again, it’s the very nature of free market. Eventually, buyers will stop buying or under buy until one day only low quality buyers will come seeking low quality sellers and that’s not a good perspective, No company can maintain market competitiveness in such terms.

Oh, well, this thread was open by Fiverr staff so I guess it can last much longer than 300 :wink:

Past a certain point, the size - meant as number of sellers - of a marketplace conceiveid in this way becomes a problem, because the model scales badly or doesn’t scale at all. Pro is little.

They don’t fear the sellers. If they have to be afraid of something, they probably fear a “foreign” competitor: not a name already on the field but someone that is already big and attractive for investors, because - for example - has already an user base, and/or: a social network, an advertising network, a robust software infrastructure, a reputation, and tons of money. Currently no one in sight, but time runs mercilessly.


What I can’t understand is the Blind feedback system that has been introduced. I have worked for a number of large corporate companies in the UK, and one thing I learnt from them is to deal with negative feedback that have been given through the internet. This in terms of marketing works, as it makes any potential buyer know that the company recognizes the issue and are trying to make amends. Now with the blind review system, this is totally taken away, and potential new customers will be put off by the way we as sellers handle the negative feedback. For instance, I could have done a really good job, had great communications with the buyer and then they leave a negative feedback. In response to his negative feedback, I could be potentially be saying, great buyer and pleasure to work with. NOW, from a customer point of view, who is looking to buy with me, it looks like the seller (me) doesn’t care about my buyers point of view. This is totally against the grain in terms of marketing, and puts us, as a seller in a very awkward situation.

If you take a look at other websites, Argos, Tesco etc etc, when a customer leaves a negative review the company responds to the negative with something that shows that they care. Can you imagine these retail giants suddenly doing blind feedback, NO you won’t, and why? because it simply is not of interest to the business or their customers.

Please can you sort this out Fiverr, as it is totally insane to put in such a system.

I am not saying this because I am a bad seller, in fact most of my customers leave 5* reviews, but like anyone you get customers who don’t give any feedback until the Gig is closed and we are left wondering what to do.


The two aren’t mutually exclusive. If the employees are happy and the company is making money, investors will be happy. However, if the employees or in this case, the freelancers are unhappy, that hurts the brand. Have you looked at Fiverr’s rating on the Better Business Review? It’s really low.

Reputation is everything on the Internet. You google “Fiverr” and you find lots of horror stories from sellers, buyers, jealous competitors, etc.

I know that Fiverr “is gearing up for an initial public offering in the United States that will value the company at $1 billion.”
Source: Haaretz

And I hope they get it, I also hope they remember that being rich on paper is not enough. The real assets of Fiverr are her freelancers, all of us, we’re the ones making Fiverr’s real money, we’re the reason people come here.

It’s just like eBay, if nobody sells on eBay, eBay ceases to exist.



Thanks for saying this as I didn’t know how to write those words down! :smiley:


That is great from you

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Blocking certain potential buyers would be ideal. I had an interaction with someone yesterday asking me 99 questions (but going on about 1 in particular), that were already addressed in my gig description… Sooo, alert :bell: alert :bell:alert :bell:X 99 … headache :exploding_head: … I suggested, she “please go read through my gig description thoroughly and if there’s a question NOT addressed in there that you would like clarified, feel free to get back to me…”

She answered back immediately - obviously having NOT gone and read the gig - which would have answered her question - with “So, what is it?!!!”

I just didn’t answer back… at that point.

One of my HUGEST pet peeves is buyers NOT reading gig descriptions - because they’re the ones who are real quick to give a bad review, because of their own negligence. And I resent that some folks think sellers don’t have a life and are at their beckoned call.

Do I want her ordering from me EVER? No…


For this and many other examples, is why Fiver should give us the freedom to choose whether to cancel or not an order and leave the blocking for what it’s intended to be. The problem is responsability on business and not everyone knows how to run one. Fiverr depends on us to grow so, if cancelation is abused, that will make Fiverr go downhill and that’s not the idea.

The problem I see on what is going on, is two faces of the same coin. On one hand, there are “buyers” that think that hiring a freelancer is the same as buying in a grocery. This type of people might have never contrated services in their lives. On ther hand, there are “sellers” that don’t even know how to run a business, they don’t see themselves as business owners but as salesmen, clerks, dispatchers - you name it.

The labels Fiverr chose to distinguish us, doesn’t help either. Sellers should be treated as “freelancers”, “independent”, “contractor” or whatever other name it could fit and buyers should be treated as “clients” - I would never treat my real world clients as buyers, a client is more to it than just a buyer.

Also, buyers and sellers should be educated, equally, in what is service contracting and how to conduct business, maybe that could be the first step to Fiverr trusting in us and giving the freedom we need.


Very true! I’m not feeling super “independent” at this stage of the game! :thinking::rofl::no_mouth:


Well, I beg to differ. We should rightly separate a people problem from a country problem. This is known as racial profiling and its not good. Just my thought though.

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This does not mean a thing. A buyer may choose to see this and ignore this just to leave a bad feedback. On the other hand, a buyer may not initially disapprove of the order and then, proceed to mark the order as completed. The buyer then goes to the review section and them empties out on you for a minor fix that could have been done at no charge but then, the review is locked and deemed “a honest review”

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I like the way Fiverr has forced this update on us to provide blind reviews, everyone has complained and they just sit there and ignore our comments. No response, or explanation to why they have imposed this system and as I mentioned previously goes against the grain in terms of marketing. Maybe they only see blind responses on here and as such only see positive reviews (which I cannot find any).

Freelancers should be able to respond to bad reviews, and yet another system that gives the buyers the power to bully and demand work that is not included in the original scope of work, with a threat that they will leave a bad review if we don’t do it. The whole system is starting to become a nightmare to work with for us sellers.


These are really great news for us, thanks Fiverr team


Racial profiling is when you profile certain ethnicities or races. Discriminating on the basis of national origin is not racial profiling. Mexican is a nationality, not a race. Xenophobia for example isn’t racist, neither is nationalism.


Alright. Thanks for clarifying!


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