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A complain I see always against sellers in forum

A common complain always I see in forum that , I pay money to seller but doesn’t get a quality work according to my need.

Now question is what actually quality work mean ?

From my experience :

Yesterday a client came to me and ask me clean his vps contains over 20-25+ websites with $20

I proposed him a cost $70 which is either too low than general rate in common. But as a combo it is ok and I think a minimum honor to a quality seller.

So he went away.

I assume, May be he got someone in that $20 rate and later put a complain in forum , it is not done. I don’t get any quality work with fiverr.

So question is , what about quality here !!

If you ask for develop apple like website with $5 then you should get product which has no guaranty or warranty. It’s a common idea.

So please raise our concern about it. That what exactly your cost is according to your project. So that both seller and buyer become happy.

I know many people have this experience, still I am sharing it.

So my cordial request to buyers, please make sure at least minimum honor for a quality seller , because you better know exact cost.

We already put a minimum cost already in our gig :slight_smile:


every buyers budget is different my friend i know some people expect more in less price its human behavior if you are not agree with some buyers about the budget let them go you’ll find the buyers who are willing to pay for that quality

and about apple like website i have many buyers that say they want exactly apple like website in lower price i tell the real price that would cost them if they agree they will buy if there budget is low they will find someone else but with which they have to compromise with quality


Dear, my concern is as fiverr is updating it’s system day by day, so for quality you should concern about payment too. I also agree that budget can be different.

But this is the time we should aware about it. Because if you ask quality service then you need to ready to pay honorable payment according to expertise :slight_smile: I can sure we never ask it huge. I think you also don’t

That is the message.


yes thats what i am telling you its not depend on fiverr how much it will cost it depends on us
if we’re providing quality and you know you should get this much amount of money from this work you should charge it
those buyers who want quality will buy from you definitely and willing to pay price

it never depends on level system each buyers expectations are different :slight_smile:

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Agree, but buyer still not aware about it :slight_smile:

How hard is now fiverr system is. Because fiverr tried it’s best to keep quality sellers :slight_smile:

You write, some service we offer here for as cheap as $5, are charge hourly in the offline market. Most buyers take advantage of the competition here and the people from the developing country that can survive on $5 per month. That why most buyer wants to pay low for a very high-quality service.

Sorry to say, you don’t able to understand moral of this post. Here it says , task will be done according to it’s cost. If a task is worth $100, then if you go for $5. Then there is a chance always be cheated.

Buyers are intelligent. Don’t think them fool. They know what worth their project cost is.

Thanks for your comment.

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