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A confirm your order notification


I don’t know whether my iphone 5 has issues or it’s the size of my fingers, which are small.

But on 3 occasions, I have accidentally purchased a gig while browsing Fiverr on my Iphone. It happened twice this week. I feel like an idiot having to write a seller saying the order was unintentional. :frowning:

I don’t think it negatively affects the seller. Please tell me it doesn’t. I will feel like more of an idiot if it does.

I wish there was a message that Fiverr sends to say 'Please confirm your order". At which point, I could back out and not confirm. I guess sending my message to cancel before providing the details to start the order does the same thing.

I told myself tonight… “I’m never going to browse Fiverr on my phone again.”


It negatively affects the seller. It is an often complained-about feature. The seller’s cancellation ratio increases and affects their ability to move up the levels. If the gig has few sales, the cancellation ratio gets posted on the gig, which deters buyers. Imagine it is the sellers first sale, their cancellation ratio is 100%. Yikes!

My ultra-sensitive iPad makes purchases “for me” in this way. I have also had buyers accidentally order from me. Another problem is that this feature can be abused by the seller’s competition.


Oh he–!, @cheezees


If any seller that I accidentally purchased from is reading this post, please know I’m truly sorry.