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A couple of questions about my gig

Recently I created my new gig and the first day my gig gets around 40 impressions and 20 views this was a week ago after that first day I have an average of 2-3 imp. and 1-2 views. Am I doing something wrong? Does my gig is not optimized or something? Also a months ago I created a very similar gig, and people from the forum was telling me that I need to be patient and wait. Ok. I’ve waited more than a four months to the point when my gig just stop getting any views and imp. I’ve tried sharing my gig in social media there was no effect. I can’t see buyer requests and this happen after my rank was demoted from Seller lv 1 to New Seller.

So, I don’t know what to do. I will just wait again and hope my gig don’t “die” as my old one. I don’t think my gig has any grammar errors or my tags are wrong, or anything that can repel potential buyers. I guess is just luck because I recommended Fiverr to my friend he created a gig in a couple of minutes and the other day he gets an order.

You can see my gig and tell me if there is something wrong so I can change it and thanks for taking your time to read this topic.

Suggest you remove “Hello Dear” from your gig description as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off. Just a simple “Hello” is sufficient.


About this “Hello dear” It doesn’t sound very good to me too, but I read somewhere in the forum a while ago something about calling buyer dear or something like that and I just put it in my description…, I’m going to just remove it