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A couple of questions


Hi! I’m new, just have a couple of gigs on Fiverr.

1.) One of my gigs has three successful sales on it with positive reviews, however; when I look on fiverr as a guest, I only see 2 of the reviews, not all three. It’s not until I log into fiverr that all three reviews are posted. Why is that? I have sent a ticket into customer service.

2.) same gig, delivered a fourth sale, but have not heard “boo” from buyer. If the buyer never leaves feedback (and I have requested feedback when I delivered the gig, and again on a second message) are the funds ever released to my account? Or do they stay in limbo forever?


Tarotkatya xx


If the buyer doesn’t respond after a set amount of time Fiverr will automatically set the gig as delivered. You do not have to receive a review therefore to get paid for delivering a gig (unless it was so bad a buyer refused to pay).


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Thats it, patients is important here on fiverr. This is something that is learnt.

Its pretty sad some do not leave feedback, not a lot you can do about that. Just keep powering on. Always over deliver and be prompt, you will then find people will be more than happy to provide the feedback you well deserve.

For the rest. Just let the fiverr system work it out, if after 7 - 10 days you still see no change, then perhaps go ahead and submit a support ticket. In the mean time, dont focus on it, focus on promoting your gig and providing your buyers the best experience on fiverr… The rest will happen :slight_smile:


Yes, the gig will be marked completed and funds will go strait to your account! However, i believe thats my friends account? She isn’t familiar with fiverr and only really opened her account as i kept bugging her to start working using fiverr but never got to it! So eventually she used it to buy your gig as i recommended. She just doesn’t know her way around fiverr!


Reply to @scriptwizard: Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thank you so much! Still learning my way around. :wink:


Reply to @vedmak: Thank you!:slight_smile:


Reply to @auws: Thank you! I appreciate your answer and your encouragement! :wink:


Reply to @jasmindolly: LOL! No, sweetheart…this was before your friend ordered the gig. I’d just been on fiverr I think3 or 4 days when I wrote this. Never heard from your friend, but as you said she’s new. I’m still learning my way around! :wink: