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A course which will help new comers

Thanks for assistance

Aren’t you a newcomer yourself?

Not sure there’s anywhere on here you could promote within the ToS to be honest.

How about somewhere off Fiverr and the forum?

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It is just a question I got from old member he is my friend. And i thought to put it across here.

you are right. thanks for the advice.

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First you say that you have put together a course, then that your friend did it? I hope that your friend isn’t actually your other account.

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Friend is usually the code word for my other account.

There is no place you can post the course. It would have been good to think about that first.
You could make a gig and try selling it for $5.

Would you please invite your friend also to the topic? I am a newcomer myself and can’t wait to have that guide.

Didn’t Fiverr forbid gigs for selling gigs?


Finally, a course created by a friend of a friend which we can all benefit from…

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This is what I am trying to tell people. but the take it in different way. And it was just a question.

bless you all.

however, how is interested you can send me a message .

OP does not have an active Fiverr account.