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A crase that needs to stop!

Fiverr is great. But Fiverr is crazy! Really crazy. No matter how you wish to twist this.

Imagine waking up one day to find 3/5 of your gigs all gone. Gigs that have been set up a long while ago. Gigs that have been reviewed frequently. Gigs that do not run afoul of the ToS in any way. That is where I find myself. And this is why the negativity that surrounds those who complain about their gigs being abruptly removed should stop. It is funny that all three of my gigs have been denied or taken down for modification because they are meant to do “someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work).” They are thus deemed to be “gigs for fraudulent activities.”

First, none of those three gigs were meant for such a service (one was for proofreading, the other for article rewrite, and the last for opinion piece writing). Which of these sounds like academic writing? The proofreading gig has been completely taken down (without recourse) as violating those terms. The other two have been taken down for modification, which is likely to end up in denial. So what exactly is the problem? How can I be certain that my last two best selling gigs will not experience the same fate soon enough? Removed. Abruptly. Out of the blues. Without recourse.

Fiverr is crazy. It’s easy for forum members to always blame the user whose gigs have been removed. But this is very wrong. Fiverr will do what it wants, when it wants, how it wants. You can be damned for all they care. It is unfortunate. But that is what it is. When you “work” on Fiverr, you work on your toes, simply waiting for the day when they send your services to the gallows. Trust not Fiverr and blame not every victim as guilty. Fiverr is crazy and we are at their mercy.


:frowning: Did you send them screenshots and an explanation that your gigs don’t violate any ToS? Maybe some competitor of yours used the new flag feature and some inexperienced CS member dealt with it? Which wouldn’t be good either, but the only thing that might make sense if you’re absolutely sure your gigs were/are worded without any doubt.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a couple threads by people who got gigs denied but then reinstated, without being told a reason, maybe those are human error cases.

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I don’t know. I’m still composing a response but I’m too baffled to organize it properly. The gig that was denied simply read “I will proofread and edit your work to perfection”. The gig description is centered around this. There was a point when this gig seemed to disappear from search results some months back, after I edited it. I wrote the editorial team to take a look and they said all was well. Now it is denied. No opportunity to even modify it. I can only see the gig title in my “Manage gigs” area but can’t click through to the description. So, as it stands, I can’t even take a look at it or take a screenshot. I can look at the others because I was asked to modify them, but I’m afraid the modification will be met with outright denial. And then, The End.

Well, never put thy trust in nobles…


Yes, I can imagine you’re baffled. If the violation already lays in the fact that people might ask you for something that you don’t offer and would not accept to do, even though your wording of your gig doesn’t ‘invite’ that but perfectly normal and acceptable jobs, that’s indeed baffling. My translation gigs might be shut down with that thinking as well. Someone could come and ask me to translate something they are supposed to translate in an academic environment.

I guess anyone offering proofreading gigs may want to take screenshots now, and I’ll put my idea of offering a specific one on hold, as long as this situation is unclear.

I really dont understand this.
If proofreading (or whatever other kind of) gigs suddenly aren’t okay anymore or require some specifically worded code or whatever, kindly send a memo to everyone at least and give them a chance to edit, if it was no criminal stuff they offered? :confused:

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It has happened to others, so it’s possible. It looks like the thing to do in a case like this is to contact Customer Support before you make any modifications to those two gigs, ask for their advice and if the changes you thought of making are all right, and so on. And then make screenshots of their answers, as the proof that you’re doing exactly as told.


I’ve sent them a response in the most clear-headed manner that I can right now. Looking at it again, it looks too calm for the anger I’m feeling. But what can I say, it’s their world, their game, their rules… I’ve only ever gotten one request to do some academic work and that was closer to when I started here on Fiverr - back in 2016. I find academic work (assignments, thesis, and the likes) too straining for the price of my gigs. If I were to offer such service it would be at a much higher cost than my gigs are priced.

I’m not too pained that they took off those gigs - my 2 best sellers remain. What pains me is the unspoken implication that all of my gigs could be off the very next minute for any flimsy reason. Funny enough, the “violation” pinned on all three affected gigs are the same. One was completely denied, the rest suspended for modification. So, what exactly are the rules here?

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Thanks. I thought of this. I’ve requested their help in pointing out any words or phrases that could trigger such suspension. Hopefully, they clarify it and it’s all a hoax. Maybe I even come out better off? We’ll see…


I hope everyone who experiences these kinds of things posts about it, and the solution, so those who are affected, can work out what exactly the violations and rules are, if they aren’t written anywhere already.

Fingers crossed for the best outcome for you, I’d focused on my bestseller gig for a while and paused the others, because it made sense, but with how quickly gigs may be denied so suddenly without a chance to edit them, I suppose that’s a bad choice. If I lost that gig which has almost all my reviews, I’d be back to square 1.
I hope it wasn’t like that with your denied gig or/and you’ll get it back after all.
Stay calm anyway. Auf :umbrella: folgt :sunny:.


Sorry friend, but, when it :cloud_with_rain: it pours.


Is this like saying “after rain comes shine”? :thinking:

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Exactly. :slight_smile:

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Makes me wonder if this has anything to do with the new Gig Flag feature… what if someone flagged your gigs, some competitor, multiple competitors perhaps?.. I mean, all was well but soon after the Gig Flag was introduced, this happens :confused:


Great. I tried browsing the meaning and I saw some voluminous stuff I couldn’t make sense of. So I followed my spidey senses. :sunglasses:

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You know, I didn’t really pick up on the whole flag stuff. Can I get a link to where the information about the feature was posted?

Here you go :slight_smile: It wasn’t announced or anything - we just saw it appear out of the blue.

And here’s a post with screenshot:


Thanks, I appreciate. I see your initial apprehension on that thread might be right after all.

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So CS has decided to proceed with their irritating canned responses.

Here goes their response to my query (by Nate):

"Hi there,

Gig denials are final and cannot be reversed. You are welcome to create a new Gig that offers a permitted service. For the service to be permitted, all Gig components (Title, Description, Images, Packages, FAQ, Tags, Gig Extras, and Requirements) should be limited to a legitimate service. For example - if you are writing articles for non-academic use (for blogs, marketing, etc.), you should explicitly offer only article writing and not homework or essays writing. If you are providing a different service, such as tutoring services or assistance in research or writing, you should detail the services you are providing (such as coaching on writing, best practices in writing/research, editing services, proofreading, assistance in online research, research analysis etc.).

Please make sure that you are not writing academic articles or completing homework for a buyer. You may only offer assistance with the above-mentioned services. For example, you may proofread or edit a text written by the buyer, but you may not actually write it for them.

You may write articles and blog posts for commercial purposes, you can’t write work for someone else to be submitted as their own.

It’s funny how in livewire situations they still afford to send such disconnected responses that have no touch of empathy or reasonableness. The only difference between this message and the message I got for my denial and suspension is that it has been reworded. None of my concerns are addressed, there is no pointer to what exactly was wrong with my descriptions, and there is just nothing new to come out of this… nothing! Clearly, even my request that the gigs be manually reviewed again by their agent (and any trigger words clarified) went unheeded.

Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to just cut my losses…

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I think I´d write them that I had made sure that I´m not, and insist on them telling me what exactly I´ve done wrong from their point of view.

But those canned responses really can get one. If it´s their intention to make people just give up instead of solving an issue and helping, they certainly work well.
Good luck then with the guessing game for a currently passable wording, I guess. :four_leaf_clover:


I’m with you Rainny, I really understand how it feels. Thank God I don’t depend on my Fiverr income for a living or have a family to take care of. I would be a nervous wreck in that case.


Woofy, that “flag a gig” feature is dangerous. Anyone can flag your gig and just like that years of hard work gone. I never thought about it until now.