''A Creative Writer At Its Best!'' A new seller at Fiverr


Hey there!

I’m a new user at fiverr and have great expectations. By far, i’ve felt great as i got to sell two times. I wish to learn more and grow by time. I’m a fast learner and can grasp things faster. Being creative is one of my skills and thus I always end up with great results. I wish the same for fiverr. I also want to help different people and benefit them too. If you have any suggestions/advices for me, please do not hesitate to list them down.

Hope to have heartwarming experience ahead, at Fiverr.


Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Just wondering Jass Immortal, are you actually immortal? Or does your username just reflect your chirpy personality? (Mine, by the way, is an old name I used to go by in a past life as a Viking warlord).

Ahhh… The good old days.

As for other users:

Is Miss Crystal actually made out of crystal and if so, what kind?

Is Writter99025 actually a borg drone?

And is DJ God Knows actually a DJ with a direct line to the almighty?

Maybe should have made this into a poll…


DJ with a direct line to the KNOWLEDGE of God ;):sunglasses:



Future cult leader then, Fair enough.


Haha … okaaaaayy
I’m obviously not immortal, and also its not based on my personality. Its just a tricky username, as my name is ‘‘jassim’’ soo its ‘‘jassim mortal’’ or ‘‘jass immortal’’ …
Its on the way how you see it.
Btw, thanks for pointing it out, although it had no connection to the topic … lol :joy:


Hmm, You know. I think you pillaged my village a thousand years ago.

Yes. I’m almost certain that was you. My memory isn’t as good as it used to be.


You’ve village and every small holding from Stonehaven to Holy Island. Hence why good old Norway is still the 7th richest country in the world. Sadly I can’t help you out with repatriations personally, this you would have to take directly to King Harald V, or some form of past life regression compensation expert.


It’s too late Jass, we all know you’re immortal now. At any moment you will have the world’s maddest scientists battering down your door in order to start finding out how you keep ticking along so well.

To avoid this fate, you should probably think about going off-grid for a while.


Good one :slight_smile:


Ahahahhahahaha :joy::joy::joy: lol
I’ll take that as a compliment. Hmm … i’ll think what to do next, ‘‘Brother of T-rex’’ lol (I’m jk) :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Btw… I really like your theory :sweat_smile::+1:


Alas, my personal regression compensation expert from 1,000 years ago is now a toad in this life. I don’t think he will be of much assistance to me. :wink:


Try kissing him or her. Rumour has it that warty lips aside, your toad friend could be miraculously transformed back into a human being. Then you could commence battle finally with that dastardly king of Norway.

Personally, I don’t know where any of my old Viking buddies are in this incarnation. In this case, whatever happens, well done you for not losing contact across the centuries!