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A Cup of Positivity ☕ ❣ 🍵


Since July 14 and 15 are difficult days for many sellers, I thought it would be helpful to focus :eye::eye: on the positive! :heart_eyes:

It seems like there are many posts on the Forum that are negative. :scream: While I can sympathize with sellers who are worrying :anguished: about many serious issues, I also would like to have a thread to come to where there is happiness :sun_with_face: and celebration :tada:. So keep an old woman happy and let’s be POSITIVE!


Vickie - My vivacious grandchildren make me happy! :boy:t3: :girl:t3: :girl:t2: :woman:t2:

The vivid blue skies image

Have a vibrant day! image


Hi, My name is AJ and the Awesome “Fiverr-ite”? :thinking: community makes me happy! :grin: :smiley_cat: :joy: :love_you_gesture: :four_leaf_clover:

And oh, I also like Ananas (pineapple), Arcade games/arcade theme and Auroras (Borealis/Australis).


Thank you Vickie! I wish you happy day(weekend) as well.

I have my cup of positivity right here, and it is called coffee lol


Let’s see…if I use my real name, it would be A…


Antiques? Hey, I love them! They make me happy for sure!
What else… anteater…no…asparagus…OK, I like them but I need to try harder…
Anime! I love anime!
Also apple…pie.
OK, my friend and coworker Andrew from back home.
That should do! :smiley:


Positive is the way to be everyday as long as we are waking up each day and we are alive! Good luck and all the best to everybody!


I prefer taking my positivity in shot glasses rather than cups - just line them up, bam, bam, bam, but ok.

E is for England not winning the world cup
E is for anything which is Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious


Looks like I learnt an eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious word today! :+1: :grin:


H A P P Y :sun_behind_small_cloud: S A T U R D A Y !

Not-Giving-A-Hoot about the England Englandminiflag haterz. :stuck_out_tongue:
Drink to that! :tropical_drink:

Napping (I live for my beauty sleeps) :sleeping:

Navigating through :biking_woman:t4: bike or hiking trails.

Nibbling on something yummy & sweet. :yum:

NBA I’m a :basketball: chick!

Novels (:heart: reading romance, thriller, SciFi)

Nacho cheese, nectarines, nutella :chocolate_bar:

Nuts (No, I’m not nutty lol but I :heart: walnuts, pecan, cashews, pistachio and peanuts.)

NIKE (:heart: their merchandise) oh and a Just Do It kinda gal!

Nurturing & Sweet gal! (a little bit nefarious tho :smiling_imp:)

Nunchucks (showing off my skillz)


Asperger’s syndrome - Not having it

Alice in Wonderland - Writing a book for my future self during my last past life was my best stroke of genius yet.

All things cryptocurrency.

Armageddon - For the being proved right about not making plans for the future.

Anything to do with dogs.


Thank you Vickie! I wish you happy Day as well.


I forgot, Veggies, I love veggies! They make me happy! :grinning:
:carrot: :eggplant: :corn: :tomato::cucumber: :broccoli:

:tumbler_glass: Then you would love to hang out with my son the distiller at work! The company he works with just created a vodka made with huckleberries, spruce tips, and shiso leaves. I cannot wait to taste it! The color is also a gorgeous purple. However, if you prefer Whiskey, they make three kinds of that. But they do not make Irish Whiskey! :confused: He also brews beer. :beers:

I happen to know @nikavoice loves pineapples too!

Me too!

I think so too! :sun_with_face:

Cool word, I wonder if I can learn to spell it? Or do you think Grammarly has it in their list of words? :thinking:

I have seen too many kids with this. Some are amazing people though.

I am having a great day! Thank you! :blush:



M Music :notes::notes::dancer::dancer:


Yes, life would not be the same without music! Thanks for sharing! :sun_with_face:


Maddie is made happy by:

Maine Coon cats
Millions of e-books
MMO games
Many other video games!
Malachite and other rocks (but malachite is one of my FAVORITES)
my Mother
Melissa McCarthy Movies
Macchiatos (caramel)
My Marriage (coming up on 22 years!)
Music (super into cellos right now)
Marjoram and a few other M herbs and plants
Mimosa trees and Mimosa drinks!
Marksmanship (airsoft, semi-auto, revolver, bow, throwing blades and more!)
My Machines (computer, kindles, phones)
Mac n Cheese
my Mates (friends)

Ok, that’s a start. A LOT of things make me happy!


Awww It’s very sweet of you,vickiespencer, however I am always positive and have nothing to worry even if it is very slow at times, beside now is the new moon, all great things are happening to each and everyone of use, regardless to being worried or not.


I admit it, I had to look that one up! :video_game:

Hey, me too! :yum:

Congrats! Mine is coming up on 47! :blush:

I knew what Mimosa drinks were, however, I had to look up Mimosa Trees. Sadly, they do not grow in Montana!