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A curious question!

Can you be upgraded to a level 2 seller from a new seller if you have a new seller status from past few months (more than 120 days) )but complete all other requirements of a Level 2 seller in a month.


No, I don’t believe you can. The analytics section says you have to spend at least 120 days as a Level One Seller before you can be promoted to Level Two.


Correction- It says "Complete at least 120 days as an active Seller on Fiverr"
Not as a Level one Seller

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Is that not to upgrade to Level One?

On my Analytics page it says:

Achieve these goals to become a Level Two Seller:
Selling Seniority
Complete at least 120 day as a Level One seller

Check screesnhot


Oh right, I was looking at the Analytics page.

I would imagine you have to go through level ups one by one, but I’m not sure now I’ve seen two different instructions.

Thanks for replying, let’s see if others have an answer.

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I did see the same instruction last week. It seems Fiverr updated this page recently (which is great).
Back to the topic question, I don’t think you can jump from New seller to Level 2 right away.
When I joined fiverr several years ago, within 30 days I had sufficient orders to meet the requirement for level 2 promotion. However I was promoted to Level 1 only. 1 month later I was promoted to level 2.

Yes, the previous rules stated that you most be a seller for at least 60 days, so coudn’t have been possible for you to achieve a level 2 badge within 30 days of joining fiverr as a seller.
My question is that if I complete 120 days on fiverr as a seller and do not get promoted to any seller status but then within a month achieve everything required for a level 2 status.

Stay 119 days as a buyer and complete 50 orders in 120th day. You will be eligible to get the level 2 badge.

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Maybe you could ask customer service? Or maybe you could wait 2 or 3 days and see what happens? Come back and let us know. I am curious. :thinking:

Are you sure about this?

Yes, if I don’t get a strong answer here, will ask customer service.
Shall keep you posted.

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I am confused. You asked:

Yet you do not have any gigs? Maybe you are planning to create some? :thinking:

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haha, yes, I am planning to create some.
As I said, just a curious question.