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A customer canceled an order 9 days after delivery on time, closed and paid

A customer canceled an order 9 days after delivery on time, closed and paid, with a rewiev of 5 stars and a tip of 5 dollars. The web not only gave back the money after this time but also that I am under the levels that are now important for basic things like seeing the buyer request. I do not know how he reacts.


Do you think he got what he wanted?

It happens - this was a $55 dollar order - that got cancelled after 3 months- and great review.

Some people scam, plain and simple- the 5 star review and in your case a tip - doesn’t matter to them, because - they never planned on paying for your service anyways, and requested a refund from Paypal - so they know they’ll get their money back eventually – and they feel they’re not losing out either way.

The GOOD thing is that CS bans the accounts of people who abuse the system like this.


If he had not got what he wanted, he would not have left a 5-star review, nor tip, much less specified that he liked the work during the process until I asked him if everything was correct before delivering as I do with all my clients. This is not a question of my work as an illustrator, this is a scam. Please don’t make it look like my fault or something that I can handle when I handle the order as it should, when it’s been 9 days to cancel the order. Thank you.


Thanks for the comment and the understanding, I would like that fiverr can help us in another way in addition to closing the account to the client, because my levels descended exaggeratedly and that I can only recover with hard work. I guess now I will double my efforts to keep my levels above 96 for the next revision, unfortunately we can not prevent these scams, I just hope it does not happen again.


I understand what you are saying, let’s be weary of said situations and communicate properly so we may all have a safe and good experience.

it can be a chargeback

Sorry, this happened to you and @nannyvainilla. One day karma will come knocking on these con artists :door:.


It’s PayPal dispute. Now day by day it’s increasing in fiverr. Fiverr should find a way stop the issue.

Communicating properly doesn’t deter a thief… it’s not about that

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