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A customer didn't pay for my work


Hello there. Got a problem: days ago a customer asked me about my gig, then ordered it. I’ve been helping him, and made more revisions compared to those I wanted to offer. He asked me for more and more, saying that my work has been done wrong. While I’m 100% sure of what I’ve done. Maybe he’s trying to steal what I’ve wrote for him. I don’t know what to do, now he has opened a dispute. What should I do?


Contact CS and don’t accept the cancellation. Tell CS about the issue and they will help you resolve everything. If possible, try to send them some screenshots of your work. This is a known fraud issue of getting the work for free.


should i decline? I’ve already tried to explain to the customer, but even if my work is pretty accurate and it is clear, he seems not to be understanding


and what’s cs? sorry i don’t know so well about these kind of stuff


CS means Customer Support. You can mail them to or click on this link and create a new ticket.

You can If you want, but I advise to not do anything, just contact Customer Support. I hope this issue will get resolved in your favor. BEST OF LUCK! :smiley:


try contacting customer support


done. let’s hope for the best. for how long should i have to wait?


Check your email. Fiverr did sent you an automated reply with every detail like wait time, so please check that. The normal wait period is around 12 hours to 36 hours.
Wanna Escalate this ticket? Tweet them on Twitter with your Ticket Id and they should probably see this ticket as soon as possible. :slightly_smiling_face::wink:


Thank you everyone! I’m so upset because I’ve always been working honestly and you can tell by my feedbacks


Who else is here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :unamused: I am only one here. :neutral_face:
Don’t worry, I know the feeling. It’s life, not always good things are going to happen. :relieved:


@catscop Read this: Decline order cancelation . A similar type of incident.


Irfanpro also commented lol. That’s probably why she said “everyone”.

Please keep us updated on the situation, Catscop!


Haha… I was joking and just trying to take all the credit. :yum::wink::laughing:
I am such a greedy person. :joy:

Yeah @catscop, keep us updated!

@joyh97 , you can add “@” whenever you are tagging a person. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh! I thought you’d just missed it somehow :joy: :joy:

Thanks for the tip, @iamsachmusic :wink: