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A customer purchased a gig for something I don't do

Hello everyone, I had a weird experience today. A Fiverr customer ordered a gig where I write lyrics for their song. However, they were very uncommunicative and to make things worse the song’s genre was hip-hop which is one genre I do not have expertise in. I’m mainly confused because I list the genres I work with very clearly. What I’m curious about is what other Fiverr members would do to handle this situation? I figured that the best thing for me to do would be to be honest and explain that unfortunately the genre of music is not within my area of expertise and I will not be able to give him the product he wants. Should I then request Fiverr to cancel the order? This is what I can only assume is the best option.

if you’re not comfortable with doing the job or if this is not what you’re offering asking support to cancel the order might be a good idea

Thanks that just confirms what I thought would be the best way to approach this.


That sort of thing does happen.

Be thankful it was simply out of your skill scope. I was recently asked to write XXX lyrics (which is against the TOS), and I 'nope’d straight to Customer Support with that one.

(I really like your gig samples!)

So kind thank you. I just was mainly worried that asking customer service to cancel the order would negatively effect my page.

You can ask buyer directly for the cancellation because customer support encourage buyers and sellers to resolve issues in resolution center.