A Customer That Never Satisfies Asked For Cancellation While I Did Very Hard And Good Jobs


I am having a really bad time with this client Blablabla.

I have sent this to CS. But still need you for advices to deal with this until support comes

The client asked me to do an acapella version of a song. I will attached all the things we talked and my works here.

He seems to not satisfy with the work. however, I did all he asked.

At first he asked for an acapella version and I sent him the track NUMBER.mp3 as in the attached files.

He feels really depressed and ask me to try again, happier because the song needs to be that way. However, he does not stated like that at first. what I need to do is make it like the original one as in file MOTHER. (mother a word that means the world to me -1916)

I tried to send him a demo that I sing in happier style. he agreed with NUMBER fix 2 and asked for smaller backing or just oh. but it cannot blend in with the song so I cannot do that.

So I have to access the studio again and do it as in NUMBER 1

and now I was asked for MODIFICATION which makes me LATE! what is the sense of that??? and he wants to cancel. No paying eventhough I did quite a hard and good job. I think he needs to consider this again. not me.

And he said that I have breathy voice but it’s not an issue. It’s my natural voice and it’s good for singing. Singing while breathing is totally a different thing from my voice.

Please help! I really need them right now!



#1 thing to remember is if a mutual cancellation goes through there will be no feedback left at all from either party…

I wouldn’t fret much at all in regards to a mutual cancellation. Should fiverr end up with a feedback left AFTER a mutual cancellation they can remove it due to it being bugged.

Its unfortunate but you will have to take a hit on this one. Your voice is beautiful so don’t get discouraged. Some people just want freebies. its the way it is. Cancelling now will prevent a WTF moment in the future when fiverr sends you the dreaded message about a dispute in charges, and you already pulled that money months before.

Believe it or not I am considering doing some singing now too once my cough goes away. I am “told” I have a country raspy voice… hah! Either way keep up your good work and move past this bad apple. there are many more in the tree.


Reply to @giangpiepie: If he agrees to the cancellation request, he won’t be able to leave a review. But definitely: if he leaves a bad review, you can leave one in response. I would try to keep it as neutral as possible and explain what happened. That way other customers will see your side of what happened, and you’ll come across as professional.

And I totally agree - I really wish Fiverr would show reviews from sellers on buyers’ pages. It would save us a lot of trouble!


The other thing is that this is part of being in business, especially more so when dealing with some kind of art that you are selling. It’s always going to be about perspective.

And in business there is always going to be a client here or there that doesn’t like the work, or who doesn’t know how to communicate what they want to do articially and doesn’t know until they hear something whether they like it or not. They also do not know what is involved in revises or the technical side so you have to be aware of that.

One thing to do is that if you have a seemingly difficult client from the begining, do a mutual cancellation before you even start the job. That shouldn’t happen too often but it sometimes is what you have to do in business, let the bad ones go in order to get the good ones.

If you are doing this legitamately to earn income, you can also possibly write off the cancelled order/refund on your taxes, so it will not be a complete loss in that way in terms of your time spent.

ALso, it’s against the rules to call out someone by name, so don’t do that in the future.


I have sent CS the screen shots and files for proof. However if he uses the paypal policy things there would be nothing for me.

I don’t know why there is nothing protect sellers and buyers are always have the upper hand in this. It’s so unfair!


I know that feeling and I am sure most of sellers know that too. You have to deal with that. There is nothing to do in most cases. Fiverr also can not do anything and I understand why.

Keep doing a good work and be sure there are so many great buyers.

All the best,



@dukanu, I’d like to politely disagree with you. I don’t think that she needs to be completely passive and just accept what’s going on. There are some definite steps she can take to move past this and to protect herself.

@giangpiepie, this sounds really stressful :frowning: I think the best thing for you to do is to cut your losses, politely let him know you’re offering him a full refund, and click for a “mutual cancellation.” This will at least prevent him from leaving a negative review for you, which sounds like something this person may threaten to do next.

I think it’s a great idea that you sent this to Customer Support, because it sounds like you’re being taken advantage of. But I’d also move forward in the meantime with canceling your order, in case it takes a few days for them to get back to you.

Feel free to direct message me if you need any more advice! Hang in there.


Reply to @david388 @dukanu: thank you all for your advice. I am new with this and not very used to this kind of injustice. However, this is definitely a wake up call for me. make me stronger :slight_smile:


There is no way other than to live with it as the system heavily favors buyers. The new trick taken by buyers is to order just a gig and ask for doing very big works. Even if you have highlighted in your gig description not to blindly order without messaging they just order and force and threaten you to do work for cheap. And sadly the way fiverr works heavily favors this.


This kind of customer is very difficult to deal with. Luckily, they seem to be relatively rare (at least in my experience). If a buyer asked you for a modification that’s very different from what they originally described, I think it’s fair to ask them to place another order for it. You can use your discretion based on how much time a modification will take you and how much you value that buyer’s return business.

Sometimes buyers like these will back down if you refuse to do unreasonable modifications and politely explain why. If they want to cancel when you’ve done the promised work, Customer Service should back you up (PayPal is a whole other issue, though). I’ve refused to give an unreasonable refund (cancellation) before, and the buyer eventually gave up on asking for more that he hadn’t paid for. The big risk is that the buyer might then leave a negative review, which is why so many sellers recommend giving a mutual cancellation and just taking the loss in sales. Unfortunately, there’s no ideal option.


Reply to @mhwoolz: i used mutual cancellation. but how about letting him make bad review and leave him a bad review? i think there is a lot more the system can do to prevent some like those from getting what they want. Like showing our reviews on our profile page. Showing the buyer’s rating so we can avoid bad buyers? what is rating a buyer for when there is no use of it?


Reply to @giangpiepie: I’m really sorry for what is going on.

These are called TOXIC CUSTOMERS.

Here are a few ideas,

  1. Express to him your frustration and ask him if he is thinking or going to leave bad feedback if you stop work, open up your communications as much as you can. Negotiate with him as much as you can, this can be a test of your selling skills.

  2. Think about it for a second and if a customer asks for a redo this is the first sign of trouble, make it a policy to offer only 1x redo and after that if they want to continue working with you you both need to talk it over about the way you do business. That way they know if they ask for a 3rd redo its not going to work out, you do what you call a “fire your customer”. Yes you can “fire” your customer from doing business with you, I do it at least 3 times a month to make sure I work with only people I like to work with.

  3. Customer service can help if there was some kind of fraud at most cases so if you can convince or prove this guy was trying to scam you to work for free from the start, fiverr customer support will be on your side of course.

  4. Be FIRM in your advertisements on fiverr. This isn’t a happy go lucky place its a place of business and business you need tough skin and reflect that in your advertisement to scare the anxious and mischievous buyers away. Add strong vocabulary words to your gig description so they know you are not some uneducated scrapper.

  5. Set a policy they have to agree to in your gig requirements, steps to follow and that they must type “AGREE” or they are subject to penalties. This is YOUR business, YOUR time, YOUR commitment, YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT TOO. Again, FIRM with your customers. Show that you are STRONG but humble and respectful. Some TOXIC people actually try to STIR up or “kick up dust” in your face and try to actually make sellers on fiverr frustrated to cause a problem for their own agenda or benefit, you need to filter these people out or put them on check before you even deliver a gig.

  6. In your policy set your instructions CLEARLY or otherwise you will have to mutually cancel. Let this person be a lesson to make sure you cover your bases for the future. Don’t let anyone try to steal a base.

  7. Feel free to message me anytime I’m an artist.

    I’ll make a few videos about fiverr topics/tips as soon I can to share on the forum.

    Listen and watch this video:



Reply to @joeyperezwest:

Excellent stuff… Toxic Customers I love that term…


Reply to @kez1000: My pleasure. I should add, there is also a way to turn Toxic Customers into decent customers but you have to be an extremely excellent salesperson and have a wide range of working with different types of customers.

Before you decide to try to do such a thing with a toxic customer you have to have certain core understanding, the understanding of psychographics. That way you can convince your customer to do what you want and give them a sense of achieved added value but this is extremely hard to do.

I should add, to time and commitment you are willing to give to converting Toxic Customers to decent customers depend on your own personal value you place on your brand. This is one of the reasons why you for example get the saying “the customer is always right”. It all depends on and if you are able to do this.

Depending on the situation I sometimes am able to turn Toxic Customers into decent customers but only because I like to learn from the experiences and expand my customer service options.

IF you want to start to obtain the skill to the conversion of Toxic Customers start here:




Reply to @joeyperezwest: Thank you so much, Joey! This is excellent!


Reply to @giangpiepie: :slight_smile: