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A Day With 0 Impressions

Hello Fiverr Boards! I’m here because like many before me, I’m frustrated. My gig is 3 days old and already I’ve stopped getting any views, clicks or impressions, which is sort of confusing considering the 52 impressions I’d gotten in 2 days came with 17 clicks, about a 33% rate. So I’m confused as to why my stats would completely shatter so quickly. The only thing I could possibly think of, other than very drastic page dropping, would be that I changed my tags to words that weren’t already in my title, which seems like it would only help. Idk, just really searching for that first order, staying active on the buyer requests, all that stuff, don’t have followers on social media to advertise to, so looking for some advice on how I can get views again. Thank you very much in advance!

Here’s my gig:

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First welcome to fiverr community.You create your gig short link using bit,ly.Then you shere your gig in social media.hope your impressions will be increase.

It is common for new sellers to get a boost when they arrive on the scene. It doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is optimal or should get you traffic or conversions and your boost doesn’t last. It’s your performance, quality and demand that helps you go up again.

There are thousands of logo sellers here. They can’t all get sales. That’s why you should sell things that aren’t so competitive. It’s vital to do market research and act according to your results.