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A difficult Buyer

So, I am currently working for this very difficult buyer. She told me that she wanted a short story based on real life love, and I told her alright, we can work on it. Then she said that she wanted it to be a book, and I was working on other projects at that time, so I told her that we can work on it if she can wait. She told me that the story is about love, hate and black magic to break up a marriage and I agreed to that.
When placing the order, she said she could only pay $40 in the start and would pay the rest later on, and I agreed to that as well. Then an order was placed and it was time to work.
I told her to send me her proper storyline. She never sent me a proper storyline. All that I get is screenshots of various things that she has written about her life. They are all random, do not connect, and does not form a proper storyline. No matter how hard I try to go through them. the screenshots are not in a proper order, and none of them link to form an order.
Still, I managed to write the beginning of the story and sent it to her, and she said that she loved it and it was amazing. Two days later she sent me screenshots of the same story with critics written all over it and said that her friend reviewed the story and wrote better than I did. Her friend that apparently, changed the sentence structure of the story in a very wrong way that doesn’t make sense. And had commented, the story I read is dull, boring and lifeless, and lacks humour. (Please consider that the story is about emotional trauma and hardship that a child has to go through.)
For example, I wrote, “I woke up to the birds chirping, and took a shower, before going downstairs to prepare breakfast. Mom hadn’t woken up yet”
She wrote: "I would wake up to the birds chirping, and would take a shower, before going downstairs to prepare breakfast.)
Despite that I changed it, and rewrote the whole thing. Then I sent it to her again, and she again sent it to her friend, who again took out mistakes that didn’t make sense. I still managed to make the changes. (Please note that her two revisions have ended here, but she wants me to keep on sending her each chapter, so she can review it and send it to her friend for reviewing as well.)
I continued writing, and got stuck because of the storyline, so I prepared a word file, with all the dates written and half information that I understood from her screenshots and sent it to her to complete the file for me to understand better. Again, she sent half the story of her childhood that she keeps on repeating in the form of a text message, completely ignoring the word file. But this time, she has sent me a slightly different story, where there is mention of rape and other traumas (she should have discussed about it before as I can never write about rape because it is triggering for me).
Again, every time she sends a half written story line, it is always different and doesn’t make sense, and she refuses to send me a proper word file with everything written.

Please, suggest what I can do here. We have been working since December and I think it’s too late to back out now, but my limits have been crossed.

If you have read it till here, thank you so much. I just wanted to let my heart out as it is really tiring and I am so confused about what I should be doing.



You shouldn’t have. That’s not how Fiverr works. Not to mention it’s a bad idea to work with buyers who keep changing what they want (first a story, then a whole book…).

  1. Since all the revisions are spent, you can send her a custom offer whenever she demands new changes. If she refuses, don’t do any more work.

  2. Cancel (politely explain that you’re sorry, but you can’t work like that, you don’t think you’re a good match for her needs, whatever) and then block her. Or ask Customer Support to cancel it for you (and then block her).

Those are the options that I see, perhaps someone else can offer more suggestions.


Thank you so much. I will contact the customer support for this and then will block her.

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