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A digital countdown for Pending Clearance


Hi Fiverr Team

My sugestions would be to have a digital count timer for orders ‘Pending Clearance’ in addition to or in place of the blue progress bar.

As of now I have a payment still pending clearance on the day it is meant to clear but there is no indication of exactly how long it will take to be made available.

This feature would reassure those who have provided a service when they will be paid.


It would be nice about timer, but they will not do that.

At least they could do is put time of completed order, you can only see time when you uploaded your work, not when buyer marked as completed.


That’s a shame, I’m checking every hour for my payment to come through, at least they should give an estimated hour in which it is meant to arrive, do you think this may be feasible?.


Take a look on that order page, and when order has been completed. There is time in it. It should be same time cleared 14 days laters. If everything is ok of course.

Your idea was actually really great, but I think they cant do that, that is “too much” to do as it would be alot of digital count timers for sellers. And it would probably not work correctly, as thats how they do lol