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“A dispute was opened via Paypal,there is written like money is refunded but there is 0 balance


I made an order,#FO410D2D86388,September 13, 2017.I cencelled it because seller was not honest.There is written that “The payment for this order was refunded to my Fiverr Balance”.My personal Balance is 0,i didnt buy anything…What does it mean?Where is my money?and i wanna receive it on my credit card back.

Second question,i was new and applied about order cencellation on payplal,my fiverr acount is already 5 months restricted by “Trusts Safety team” I dont know how to return 210usd and where is it.Can somebody help my please?



The only people who can help you with this, are Customer Support. Here on the forum, you can get good info and tips, but we´re all other sellers and buyers, just like you, and can´t do anything related to your account or orders.

If you scroll down to the footer on Fiverr´s main page (not the forum here), you can find a link “Contact Support”.

Usually, if you cancel an order and do not request to have it returned to your payment source, the money goes to your Fiverr Balance, so you can use it to buy a gig from another seller without needing to pay processing fees again. Account restrictions happen, when you start a chargeback through PayPal or your credit card, because it´s often abused, but it can be reversed when the issue is sorted out with Fiverr.
All this is written in Fiverr´s ToS, which you can read here:


this is not an new issue.
i lost the order money for his reason


Thank you a lot.I have already written to them,hope they will give me back my money!


The money may be in your Paypal account if you cancelled it on Paypal.