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A fabulous craft gig I recently purchased


I received my Japanese kusudama from the fairly new seller mommalove3 and it is absolutely beautiful. It’s about 3 inches in diameter and has fishing line attached for hanging. I had my choice of color or black and white and she also included a bonus gift! She shipped in a cardboard box and shipping was relatively expensive, I hope she’ll consider adding a shipping fee to recover those costs. I noticed that her gig rating has not updated since I left feedback for her.

Here is her kusudama gig:

She also offers a gig making Christmas tree decorations from paperback books. I’ve made these myself and they take a very long time to construct:

I’d like to know if it’s possible to tip a seller who doesn’t offer a tip gig? Thx!

Edited: I’m in no way associated with this seller, just a very satisfied customer who hopes she’ll do well on fiverr.


Thats pretty awesome O_O


Thanks for the advice - I will do all of those things!


Wow I love that, very creative