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A Fake Customer got her work and opened a dispute later

Hello, guys, I hope you will be doing great. I am having an issue I hope you will be able to help me out here. Actually about 1 and a half weeks ago a customer bought my service. I worked hard to deliver her work. When she received she opened the dispute saying the low-quality writing service and she wants cancellation. I cancelled the order as it was the best option available at that time because my account was totally clean. I contacted customer support they said we know that was a bad experience but they can’t change my order cancellation rate and I should keep doing a great job the loss will be recovered soon. My loss of money and time was not enough here that they have now placed all of my gigs on the last page and since 1 and half weeks no new sales occurred because of it. I have opened a ticket again and have written the following message to support. Waiting for them to get back to me.

“Hello, Fiverr support. As you know about the buyer who placed a fake order and after receiving delivery she opened up a dispute left me with no other option but to cancel the order. As I have explained the whole scenario in the last ticket in detail. You guys said that it’s ok to keep working and deliver your best to your customers. I already went through enough pain because of that fraud customer by wasting my time and money. I ask was not that enough? That now because of that cancellation you have placed my rewriting service Gig on the last page of search. Please give any good reason about it? You guys agreed that she has deceived me. Could not change my order competition rate from 95 to 100%. I said its ok ill recover somehow. But because of that is it fair now to suffer more as my gig is placed in the last position of relevant gigs? I am sure that the real culprit must be running free and must be enjoying her life deceiving other sellers too. But what about me. Its been 2 weeks now my gig is in the last resulting in no new sales. That is how I will recover? by getting zero orders? Its fault on your end please don’t spoil the experience for talented and hardworking sellers and resolve my issue as soon as possible. Thanks.”

My question here is if something like this has happened to anyone of you? and will my gig come back to original position? if yes then in how much time? Please help me out I’m so tense.


It’s unknown how much time, but a safe guess might be two months at worst.
As for gig position:

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate on a daily basis.”

This can be found here, under Gig Status, in the second drop-down.

So, it’s possible that even after two months you won’t be in the same spot anyway.

Maybe this can help: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

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Plus, it is worthy to note that different users will see your gig placement in different places even if they search for it within the same hour. You may see your gig on page 4 and I may see it on page 2.

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Thanks for the answers. But there was not my mistake in the whole scenario. Fiverr should have some kind of check and balance. The system is faulty and optimized to support the buyer by all means. My gigs are penalized for no good reason.