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A fast and reliable help!


Hello! I am a Bachelor of Chemistry student and can explain or help you with everything you need in chemistry, physics and mathematics.

I understand English and Spanish…so…Just tell me what you need and go! :slight_smile:


Hi you have to make gigs to start selling.


welcome to fiverr. To create a gig, click on selling on top menu then click Gigs and then click Add a new gig


Create a gig to teach Chemistry or Physics or Maths for 15 minutes in $5 :slight_smile:
You may also create another to solve assignements, I know lots of students looking for such help


oh! :sob: omg

I need help to create a gig. I do not understand much about fiverr

What should I do to be asked for classes?



Just go to My Gigs and Create New GIg…

You can create something like: I will do your Chemistry assignment in $5 :slight_smile:


Gigs offering to do homework are against TOS.