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A faster payment adjustment for fiverr sellers!

This is very important for a professional community to make sure it’s working with bright professional personnel. This is also important to pay them of with thanks immediately after completion of work. Today’s my special request for a quicker/immediate payment system from

My personal experience, “the project I have completed 1 month ago, I’m still waiting for the money to come to my hand.”

In this modern age, a professional community like required to make sure its payment system is in a satisfactory level. Nowadays payment all over the world is a matter of few clicks on your touch screen mobile phone, and for me it’s a matter of setting up a payment plugin :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a Front end web designer and developer, working with fiverr since June 2019. I would Recommend A faster payment adjustment for fiverr sellers.



The issue you are bringing up has been brought up many times in the past. :roll_eyes:

It takes 14 days from when the buyer accepts the order for the seller to get their funds. Why would you have to wait for a month? :thinking:

When I was a teacher, I only got paid once a month. Getting paid every two weeks or once a month common.

Also, since you posted a link to your gig, I am moving your post to “My Fiverr Gigs” or your post could get :black_flag:ed.


I was thinking that this is happening only for me. I admire your patience with a monthly payment but in this age, it could be better. Because of we are working on individual projects not in monthly basis, it could be better. And I entirely understand that it’s a fiver business policy.
Thank you for your acknowledgment.


yes i am agree with you. this matter should be resolved and reduce the time of clearance.


You are most welcome to our fiverr community zeeshine. I appreciate your support and You are absolutely right. Thank you :blush:


Thank you very much.


But you didn’t answer @vickiespencer 's question…

There must be more to this story that you haven’t mentioned to us. Fiverr’s default is a 2-week clearing cycle from when the buyer accepts a delivery, and orders Auto-Complete after 3 days. So the most you will ever be waiting is 17 days, not 1 month.

Also, this is pretty standard, and it’s done to ensure both buyer and seller are protected. We work on other freelance platforms as well, and all of them operate a similar policy. There’s one Voice Over specific platform which has a 2 week payment cycle, AND a 2 week auto-clearing system, meaning over there you can literally be waiting for over a month to get paid.

All-in-all, I think Fiverr’s system is OK. Not to mention, when you get to TRS, the payment cycle drops from 2 weeks to 1 week.


Thank you for your message. Please take this conversation as a discussion and support seeking from a new seller. I am trying to discuss this payment clearance issues because I believe this is the appropriate platform for getting a perfect solution/ advice regarding any topic related to fiverr.

As I am a new seller in this community, I have done few projects and really happy with everything apart from payments. Gradually every businessman will expect a payment as soon as possible after completing the project.

I accept this term that says 14 -17 days to clear a project payment which is already been paid off from a buyer instantly after placing and accepting an order. But as a seller I’ll get the payment after a 2 weeks of clearance? I accept this term. But money is not in hand yet, I have to go through an another process.

Later on this money is going to payoneer they are taking 2-3 working days to clear, then coming to local bank, bank taking 3-5 working days to clear. After that money will come to a my/ any seller’s hand. This is why I said 1 month.

In my experience, “fiverr cleared on 22/August, I transferred it to payoneer. I’m afraid to say that the money will come to my bank may be on Sunday or Monday, not sure. 10-12 days and 14-17 days equals to almost a month sir/madam.”

Finally, I’m requesting fiverr senior community members to help me getting my payments through direct bank accounts if possible. I have bank account in London, UK and in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Please consider my words as a new user in your massive community and help me to grow further with
I do appreciate your support.

Thank you :pray:


Prior to freelancing here, I was a consultant here in the UK. I operated under standard payment terms, which is 30 days from date of invoice. In other words, I would consult for a month, then at the end of the month, I would submit an invoice. That invoice was supposed to be paid no later than 30 days from me submitting the invoice, but my suppliers were ALWAYS late paying. So in theory, from the first day that I worked, it could easily be 2 months before I would receive my payment. Fiverr is in my opinion a breath of fresh air…

So the issue is actually with your bank, not with Fiverr. Here in the UK, I withdraw my funds to PayPal which is instant. I then initiate a withdrawal to my Starling bank account, which is instant.

I don’t understand this. How would anyone on the forum help with you with getting payments?


The fund can be sent to PO within 2 hrs if you choose that option (that would cost you 2-3$ each time though, I don’t remember but that’s my go-to option of withdrawal).
Every time I withdraw from PO to my bank account, usually it takes less than 24 hrs. If I withdraw early in the morning, I can even receive the money after several hours.
Paypal may take longer but no more than 3 days.
It seems that when you become a frequent user (for both PO or PP), the process is much quicker.


I asked for advice from and forum community regarding this matter. Thank you @cubittaudio and @power_design. I’ll try PO and/or PayPal next time.


My bank accepts PP deposits instantly. Maybe you should change your UK bank? :thinking:


Which bank you are preferring?

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I think its fast enough as it is honestly

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This bank that @cubittaudio mentioned.

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Do I have any options instead of payoneer for freelancers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Please suggest.

I heard from Other marketplace sellers, they can directly withdraw their money from any bank account in the world.

You are right.I agree with your thought.

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I find it really interesting how aggressive people are when someone asks about receiving pay earlier.
I think some of you guys actually work for Fiverr and are on here to act as interference because Fivver has no intention of changing their processing method. I’ve seen anything like it honestly. It’s strange. As a seller, I concur, Fiverr’s payment method is far to slow and needs to be revised.

It was mainly myself and @vickiespencer who responded to the OP here, and having read each reply back just now, not one word of the responses were aggressive. Would you mind elaborating on what you felt was aggressive? It’s quite a strong term to use, and I’d be interested to know what made you come to that conclusion.

What I saw, just like in this response here, was people disagreeing with someone. The forum allows me to disagree with someone, we’re not all going to share the same opinion. My opinion was, and remains, that there’s nothing wrong with the Fiverr payment time. I’m entitled to that opinion, just as you’re entitled to disagree with me.

And I can ensure you that I don’t work for Fiverr.

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And here you come trying to act like you guys aren’t testy about the pay time. This isn’t the only time I noticed that the troops come storming in when someone asks why Fiverr takes so long to clear.

It’s strange…