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A feature I would like to see


(Don’t know whether this feature is requested previously or not, but I’m giving it a shot)

Many times buyers sent out a blank budget offer.

I would like to have a feature where I can respond to a buyer request with a blank budget offer.
It would allow me to know client’s requirements and can send him/her a custom offer.

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Yes, It will be the good idea!

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I will also like to see this feature. It will enable us to get an assessment of clients properly. Currently we send out saying “This is not a bid don’t purchase, contact us before you purchase”

Having a feature to get better understanding of clients requirements, will be great.

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Also, even when we explicitly mention that the offer shall not be excepted. Is accepted !

Great Idea, Being a custom app developer i am need of this feature alot as my quotation vary with the requirements and its really hard what to quote when buyer Ask… “I need xyz software developed send me your quotes” :smiley:

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When it is accepted, then the only choice is to add extra or to cancel. Has happened to me couple of times before Fiverr was downgrading for cancellation rates. Now because I need to maintain cancellation rates I trend not to bid for such open ended projects.

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