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A feature to showcase text in the portfolio


A feature to showcase text in the portfolio for clients looking for samples of work would be helpful for my writing gig and I am sure others would benefit as well. Some people look for a certain style of writing and I think everyone could benefit from it. Thoughts? If you can think of a way to do it without having to take a screenshot to attach every time let me know!


You could always for your sound samples just make a video with just your voiceover in it and only a small segment of it and name it like, “ShowcaseSnippet” and below it attach the actual sound file for the client. I would kind of like a “Sample” area too so I can show all the different styles I can write in.

Yeah, I may have to at least temporarily start doing that. My writing gig has been kind of slow lately, I think probably due to a lot more competition than when I started.


It’s a little bit different, :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll see what happens, I am sure it’s been suggested before. haha


Reply to @freelancemm: you could do a video for your writing gig too by creating a screencast of different writing samples. That’ll be better than just images. I hate the fiverr v2 live portfolio. The breadcrumbs suck. I’m sure there are buyers who don’t know how to navigate through it.


I suppose I could do that. May be easier on the buyer rather than looking through five to six different pictures. Still kind of frustrating that there isn’t a real proper way per-say. Ah well. I can make due as it isn’t a super popular gig right now, probably because there is way too much writing competition on here now!


There’s a lot of competition on here period. Its crazy. Fiverr dynamics are totally different nowadays.