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A few more questions about vacation mode

I read a few articles in the Forum about vacation mode versus pausing, but they are from 2015. Firstly, a few months ago I had to put my gigs on pause because my whole computer went kaputz and I had to build a new one, when I came back I had to start over with my impressions and build up my clientele again. Kinda sucked and I want to avoid that if at all possible. So I’m wondering how much different it’s going to be with vacation mode?

Secondly, in one of the older forums, I read that a seller went away for one week, and that no new buyers are allowed to message you, but that old buyers who have worked with you are able to message you. And that this happened to him on the first day, and he was unable to respond for 7 days so his response rate said 7 days, and that buyer was furious. During part of my vacation I’m going hiking, and I will have absolutely no service on my phone to even open up the Fiverr app. Not to mention I’ll be moving among other things it’s going to be one crazy month. Will previous buyers really be able to message me during vacation mode?

There won’t be any way for me to respond. And if that’s the case, why isn’t there an auto response that gets sent to each message coming in? So that they aren’t left wondering why I’m not replying and it doesn’t ruin response rates.


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I can only share with you a tactic sellers have been using which is extending your delivery time to 29 days, so in case you received an order while on vacation, you’re not entitled to deliver it right away.

The vacation mode was developed for this reason, so that buyers won’t send you messages without receiving a response. If you don’t use the feature and you receive messages and you do not respond, your response will drop which will inevitably lead to less views for your gigs.

It’s a win - win situation!

Best of luck!


Well - I am doing an experiment for all of us! I put myself in vacation mode for one month. So… We will see what happens!

I’ll be back with an update eventually. Fingers crossed

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For an urgent reason, I need to take a one-month break from Fiverr. I am still confused what to do :frowning:

I wish you the very best!

@voiceoverholly have a great time and don’t worry too much. I just came back from VM and was also gone for 1 month.
Make sure to disable your direct link so regular clients won’t be able to place orders.

Messages can still go through, especially if your clients have been messaging you prior to your VM.

I had regular clients contact me with work and sometimes wasn’t able to answer their messages for up to 4 days. My response rate during VM never dropped and remained at 100 %.

I hope that helps.

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I’ve just come back from two weeks off on a cruise and managed it OK despite the limited internet access. I didn’t use Vacation Mode as I was worried about it, but instead I left a note one gig (which had an extended delivery time) to say I was away and would deliver when I was back. I paused all other gigs and also updated my profile to say I was away and to allow up to 72 hours for a message response during that time. My response rate is down to 89% (but also due to some spammers) and I got far less orders than normal, but I am hoping to bounce back within a week or so and it was helpful to be able to at least message people while I was on leave and have work lined up for when I got back. Some clients needed it quicker so went to a different seller, but overall, my strategy seems to have worked OK. I’ve slipped down the rankings (was second page, now third page) but I’ll let you know how quickly I come back.

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