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A few questions about gigs and buyer request

Hello! I would like to know about this …
1.Sometimes, in the buyer request page I see not the requests of buyers, but advertising of performers who offer their services. This is normal? Can I also do this to promote my services?

2.First 3-4 weeks my gig impressions grew, but then went swiftly to a decline. Should i delete gig and create new? (i share my gig in social network every day, one time per day and somtimes change tags of gig)

My page

You can if you want your account suspended, but I wouldn’t recommend it :slight_smile:

Newbies get a boost at the beginning, but once the training wheels come off you’re on your own. Now it’s your turn to find clients and promote your service.


thanks for saving me from ban)
I’m not exactly a newbie, some of my gigs is already a year here, and everything went down anyway. So I think maybe this is a month problem, or should I create new gigs ones again for boost?

Also, I already sent out 100 offers for this and last month to the buyer’s request and answered only 1-2 people…