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A few things that bother me

  • Buyers who order a gig and then want to cancel it because they simply changed their mind. And who’s to blame for the cancellation? Certainly not the buyer.
  • Withdrawal time. Half a month is a bit too much.
  • I’ve been demoted from level 2 seller TWICE already (for violating TOS… no communication outside of fiverr and having many cancelled orders) we sit here and make you money but you want to punish us for cancelling orders.

    Some of you may say "well i’ve never had any problems with fiverr it works just fine"

    Believe it or not a lot of us have had very bad experiences, including me.

    Ever since I got demoted I’ve delivered dozens of orders and receiving so much positive feedback that I lost count and I still don’t have my badge because of buyers who can’t read gig descriptions. And since I don’t have my badge some of my buyers have to go through the frustration of ordering multiple gigs instead of ordering fiverr extras (because fiverr doesn’t give buyers an “order more than one” option)

    I love fiverr, but sometimes I feel robbed because I put a lot of effort into my ONE gig that gets me sales.

    I have to admit that I’m kind of afraid fiverr mods will ban me for speaking out against them.

    Opinions are welcomed! (:


You won’t get banned for speaking your mind in the Fiverr forums… that is what the forum is here for, especially the Ranting Pot section! So, no need to worry about that! :slight_smile:

As far as your issues, those are very common issues… really not a huge deal. Just focus on delivering quality products/services and follow the rules and things will work out. Everyone has set backs like these on Fiverr, but it’s nothing you can’t come up from.

I know it’s frustrating, but just try to stay positive. Make the best of it.


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Reply to @fiver_rox: I beg your pardon, but I don’t see how your post is related to this story…


when there is a facility for the buyer to reject the delivery and for seller to deliver again, the buyer will surely get what he wants. Even after that if the buyer is not satisfied or the seller frustrated making re-deliveries, there is a provision of mutual cancellation of order. In that case, why the buyer is given a facility to post a negative feedback? So, in my opinion, posting of negative feedback must be removed. However, positive feedback can be allowed as it would bring out good qualities of the seller to other potential buyers. Instead of ratings: 100% or 75%…, it should be experience: 10 orders or 20 orders, etc… and positive feedback’s list below the gig description as usual. Also, a facility of live chat between buyer and seller seems to be a requirement now in fiverr or atleast there should be auto refresh (similar to push mail) implemented in conversations and on order pages so that buyers and sellers do not have to keep their e-mail ids open in the next tab along with fiverr account. I feel these facilities are expected by many buyers as well as sellers.


Also, fiverr should do something for sickness management. For example, a seller has fallen seriously ill and is unable to process the order, then some kind of management must be available from fiverr so that his rating do not go down with a message: order canceled due to late delivery. I don’t know what steps to take to manage sickness, but it could be a common issue. let’s see what everyone has to say on this… :slight_smile:


The country flag is decided when a member creates a gig which means he becomes a seller. But a seller cannot know where the buyer belongs to as country flag is to put at the time of account creation. Of course, we the sellers can ask buyers for that, but they never have to ask the sellers for that. If the country is known then it will be very easy to judge whether the opposite person will be online at particular time or not. I have never seen such a thing in any website that country/country flag is shown for some people and not shown for some. isn’t it awkward?


The world knows fiverr is about gigs. Just like sellers put up gigs to serve, buyers must also be required to put up gigs. Sellers put selling gigs while buyers put buying gigs. Sellers can search for relevant tasks in buying gigs section while buyers can search relevant sellers in selling gigs section. Thus, making fiverr a completely gig oriented job portal


Reply to @prohelper27: That’s a nice way to put it

thanks for the reply!


Reply to @arnevb: Right, and most of the time it’s not the seller’s fault.


Reply to @graphicsden: I agree, fiverr could use some improvements on it’s interface.


Reply to @graphicsden: I agree, there are a lot of improvements that need to be made to make it fair for sellers, and buyers as well. I have worked while sick (miserable!) to get a gig in on time. It was awful, but I felt obligated and didn’t want any negative feedback.

Also, as far as order cancellations - I have had buyers try to short me so many times!! I cancel those orders if they don’t pay in full. I never work for less than advertised (unless it’s a negotiated deal for a big order or something) - I think it sets the bar lower when we give in to “bad buyer” demands. Plus, I do quality work that is worth a LOT more than I do it for on Fiverr! I’ll lose a level if that’s what it takes (although it shouldn’t), but I will NOT lower the bar and set buyer expectations lower. That just hurts all the sellers here on Fiverr. Don’t let them take advantage of you just to make a sale. If they’re a bad buyer, let them go elsewhere. :slight_smile:


Hmm…This discussion seems to catching some heat by the opinion shared by kattykat, a level 2 experienced seller. The bar that we set, that’s the most important thing. Even after reaching at certain levels, if the seller works under tension of negative feedback, cancellations, unreasonable requirements or very low budget of buyers, etc…then it is not a good sign. It would be disrespectful at least for me in my opinion.