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A Few Tips for Buyer Requests

Thanks for ur suggestion

Thank you so much! <3


I am a good seller … thanks for sharing…

Thank you for these tips. It’ll really help.

thank you for the precious advice

Excellent!! Very helpful :slight_smile:

Thankyou very much…It’s helpful

Great Advice, actually I notice many Buyer requst are made from Fiverr Sellers, is there a way to filter those ?

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Unfortunately there isn’t, although I wish we could report buyer requests.

Thanks for your advice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Super advice will try to keep up with the value

Thanks for your advice

I’m open to tips like this… always good to know what to look out for, even when the tables are turned and I’m requesting a buy. I’d never want to come out that way. Anyways, back to the forums I go to look for more tips. Really appreciate you typing this up.

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Yes Thanks for your suggestion :smile: :smiley:

very helpful information, Thanks.

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Thanks for sharing

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Very Helpful information, Thanks.

Thanks a lot for Your important information. It will help me in future, when I would send a request to buyers. If any buyer want to Contact with the seller through email or phone, can I response or not. Thanks Again.

Thank you very much for the information, it’s really help me.

No, you’re not allowed to contact buyers outside of Fiverr (unless it has to do directly with the service you provide, for example Zoom calls when you’re tutoring).

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