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A first order talk

lets share Ideas, drop opinions on how you got your first order so we all can grow together!!

I personally think Your first order requires your first inbox and getting your first inbox says a lot about how quick your response to buyers request has been.

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@leosconcept - posting tips is generally advised only by experienced sellers with many successful orders.

You have only just joined Fiverr and have no reviews at all on your profile. Your reading time on the forum is 5 minutes.

This video may be relevant to you:


These articles may help you .

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Thank you @coerdelion
I just read a few of them and they where helpful.

for More insights please encourage others to share @ my page
we newbies will need a lot of it

Read the terms of service first.

Then the rules of the Forum. Ads for your gigs belong in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category.

No one is going to encourage anyone to visit - this would be an attempt to manipulate … and, if you actually watched the mythbuster video, you would know that pretty much everything you learned from fiverr gurus on youtube is wrong and doesn’t work anyway.

Read the rules. Then all the articles. Then put them into practice. Only then come back for help if you need it.