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A fiverr calendar feature

I’m having a situation because (fortunately) I’m getting a high demand of offers and jobs from my gigs and I’d like to be able to organize all the orders within a calendar that allows clients to see my current availability. That, to avoid receiving a big order while already doing one and have to ask for the new customer to wait or give me more time.

I don’t know if there is already a feature to solve this and schedule orders in some way, to create some sort of “time base filter” for orders, but if there is I haven’t seen it yet. It would be a big tool to manage time and satisfy clients expectations before (or instead of) asking for more time.



I believe you can make use of 2 features that already exist on Fiverr:

  • limit orders in queue; and
  • “vacation mode” (AKA out of office mode).

You can use the limit orders in queue feature to let prospective buyers know that you are currently overbooked/busy working on other projects and that they would have to wait until you complete a couple of orders in queue before they can place an order.

You can also use the vacation mode feature to let your buyers know when you are not available.

This feature also has an added option where you can temporarily block Fiverr users from contacting you or ordering from you for a particular duration (selected by you) while you are unavailable.


The “limit orders in queue” sounds like an option that would help in this. Where is that feature, on the gig or at user profile?

The former. Just select one of your gigs from the “Gigs” tab and you will find it in the box that shows up below your gig.

Each gig has its own limit orders in queue option. Therefore, you can set different limits for different gigs.

Thanks for the info, that helps

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