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A Fiverr Rep posted about ARS and is Watching the ARS thread for your Feedback

We had a Fiverr Rep post on the ARS Forum at

If you think ARS is bad, click the link above and post your thoughts

I guess no one is interested in providing feedback on ARS. IF you are, see above link. If not, don’t complain later about it.

I’m with you, Stevie. Keep fighting the good fight.

Already did! :slight_smile:

I posted to the blog. Hasta luego chicas. This place is giving me a huge migraine.

First of all, I’ve had an amazing first year on Fiverr doing voiceover work. I busted my hind end and made it to Top Seller status and I’m very gratified to say that because of Fiverr, I earned over $15,000 in 12 months. I love Fiverr and I am constantly spreading the word to my friends. Thank you Fiverr!

However, I also worked extremely hard to maintain my 100% rating from buyers. The majority of my buyers are wonderful, reasonable people. Nonetheless, I have had to bend over backwards for a number of crooked and vindictive buyers. There is no way that such individuals will give accurate ratings under this new system. Indeed, I have no doubt that shady buyers will use this new system to exploit and manipulate sellers.

As much as I love and appreciate Fiverr, much of the policies and practices seem, in my opinion, to unfairly favor buyers. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. This ill-conceived ratings “innovation” is a perfect example of a what I mean. I understand that buyers bring the cash, but sellers bring the talent and devotion that attracts the buyers. The system was fine as it was before, and it is truly awful as it is now. I urge Fiverr to reconsider this, and I urge my fellow sellers to graciously register their own discontent.

Reply to @stop_it_man: Good comments. Hopefully you get to post them on the ARS thread as well (see link on first post). thanks

Posted, vented, and now anger is surging through my veins.

There’s a difference between fiverr genuinely, and fiverr trying to pacify us with the occasional post.

OK, posted!

I hope the Fiverr staff reads them!!

+1 vote. Do count mine :smiley:


Today a buyer ordered a gig from me. I completed it within record 2 hours perfectly. Buyer messages me that it is absolutely perfect and it was super express delivery he ever had on fiverr. And what i get in return for this wonderful service ???

4- STAR IN “BUY AGAIN” and “RESPONSE TIME” Star category. I mean seriously? should i put my head in crusher to do this job ? or i should put my laptop under my head when i sleep instead of pillow?

Reply to @akashintros: 4 stars? Absolutely ridiculous! We are all screwed.

stop_it_man said: I earned over $15,000 in 12 months

Right and it was worth it for you because Fiverr had a good, simple system and a community of buyers.

You would have easily earned 3 to 10 times as much in the open marketplace.

So everyone wins.

Now we're being asked to be rated on a radioactive waste (stars) system.

Reply to @kissreviews:

But isn’t this exactly the point?

They’ve called 5-stars “excellent” …it “should” only be on 1.5% of all gigs by normal analysis.


Reviews are better.

Reply to @kissreviews: TODAY AGAIN A BUYER GAME 3 RATINGS because i didn;t add high quality extras worth 10$ for free in his video although i had to give him another $5 extra benefit for free because he didn;t read my gig description clearly. I explained it to him but he wasn’t ready to see the truth. I made his video in 1080p quality with logo for free but then too 3-star. Now this is height of being demanding and absolutely unprofessional.

I personally thank you for never giving up on this struggle to win back what’s right @steveyes

Reply to @productivesam: @steveeyes sorry