A Fiverr Seller Businesses Advertising Collective


I have taken a scientific approach to Facebook advertising to work out how to do it. For the price of a coffee shop trip a day, we are now getting extremely large reach and engagments which simply are unachievable by other means. The idea is therefore to form a Collective where we all put our coffee money in a pot and advertise a single searchable database of member Fiverr Sellers using our techniques.

To provide some numbers. Overnight I have had an extra 60 Page Likes and an extra 5000 post reach, 200 Likes on Posts. Cost: time = 0, $$ = 2 Fiverr Gigs worth.

The “Fiverr Sellers” Collective is a collaborative approach to advertising for Fiverr Service Providers who have a business page on Facebook.

Relevant Business can apply via this gig.

Please, before purchasing, first use the “Contact Me” button to send me your Facebook Page URL

If we feel your Page is suitable we will then invite you to become an entry level member of the collective for the admin fee of $5.

The benefits of entry level are:

  1. an invitation to join a dedicated FB Public news group and the admin’s inclusion of your Page “Bagde” or “Banner” with a “Like” button on, together with your search keywords. Inclusion in the collective is at our discretion.

  2. The intent is that this searchable database of members will then be widely advertised to highly targeted potential customers using our intelligence based FB Marketing & Sales Techniques. See graphics in the gigs for examples of the effectiveness of our methods.

    For an example of the what the directory will look like see


    the fiverr biz group will be made live as soon as we have processed the first member.