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A Fiverr seller has copied my gig description!?

I was looking through my competition the other day and I came across a gig that was for nearly the exact same service as mine. Once I scrolled down it was obvious that the seller had copied and pasted my gig description WORD FOR WORD! I actually had changed my description a few weeks ago for other reason (just to make it sound better) without realizing that this other gig existed. So in other words they are currently using my old description. I’ve already contacted customer service, and they claimed they would look into it, and the gig went down briefly. But now it’s back up again… weird. Has anyone had any similar experiences?

This is a very, very common issue. It’s unfortunate and against the Terms of Service, but it happens. It’s often sellers who just don’t write English well and decide to copy. At worst, it’s sellers who cannot even do the task and copy to earn a few dollars.

Customer Service will usually warn the seller and take the gig down when it’s reported. If they change it just enough to pass, the gig will sometimes be reinstated. It’s always good to report it even if the gig does go back up. At least if the seller can’t do the service at all and other complaints are issued there is a record.

Thank you for your input! Yeah I think your right. Its very frustrating that someone who dosen’t know how to write well can benefit from work that I’ve put into my own gig.

Well, not really–that they’re stealing your descriptions is bad, but if they don’t have the ability/care to write their own descriptions, buyers will quickly find out that they’re useless and review accordingly. Customer Support is helpful here, but all in all, I’d just let them get on with being rubbish.

Hey you are not alone…

I have to constantly check my gig category and usually see about 5 new sellers (each month) who copy my whole gig description (WORD for WORD)… I ended having a saved up message I use to tell them to change their gig description and not to copy mine or I’ll report them to Customer Support… Sad that this always happens… :frowning:

Yeah its really sad that people can’t create original work. So you contact the sellers with the plagiarized gigs directly?

I never check out my competition. That’s a lie, but maybe once a month I check out the top 4 gigs to see what works and what doesn’t.

I have next to no interest in my competition, and you shouldn’t either. You’re wasting time that you could spend on your business, and more importantly, as I said above, these people are virtually destined to fail. Don’t seek 'em out. Let them fail.

This happens to me too. Sellers copy my gig image, gig description, and even my “about me” profile. Copying my gig image is especially frustrating as I do visual work. I wish that more was done to ensure seller integrity when a gig is created.
But that’s just the nature of this kind work, on and off of fiverr.

That’s certainly an unfortunate thing… since it’s clear you value the work you put into your own brand as a Fiverr® seller. Honestly, I’ve never thought of the same thing happening to me. I tend to change the descriptions on my Gigs™ every month or so… for various reasons; streamlining my service, adjusting delivery schedules, adding extras, or just refining my overall brand.

Fiverr® is a cool platform, because multiple sellers who offer the same services can coexist. This is because everyone isn’t selling “services”, they’re selling their own personality by making a connection with their clients. Luckily no one can copy your individual personal touch… or your client list, positive reviews, and sales history. I’d say don’t worry about it so much, you’re clearly doing something right. Keep at it, and don’t fret the poseurs. In the end you’ll get the conversions, and they won’t.

Samw thing usually happen. Even my gig images get imitated. I contact the seller and her just reign abuses. I was surprised.

Hi everyone…a question from the customer side. I found this thread because I came across 2 sellers (2 different user names, 2 different countries) with the exact same (word-for-word) gig descriptions. Both are listed as level 2 sellers. How do I know which one is the original and which one is the copycat?

thank you

Easiest way to check is to copy a sentence or two of your gig description and put it in Google, if anyone has copied it, it will come up! :slight_smile: