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A Fiverr Warning

Someone asked a question about the warning. How long does the warning stay in the account? As far as i know warning stays in an account for 90 days but someone said that it stays with account for lifetime of account, 3 warnings and you are out.

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As far as I know the warning stays forever.

When it comes to promotion/demotion, the last 30 days count, but even after the 30 days, the warning will stay (otherwise it would be possible for people to violate the rules twice every 30 or 90 days, and get away with it, which doesn’t make sense).


posted in a group as well and someone mentioned that he got 6 warnings so far and each warning vanished after 90 days.

They may vanish from what we can see as sellers on our dashboard I doubt they’ll vanish from what Fiverr can see. :wink:


If any seller does small error/mistakes support may give another chance. Some mistakes cannot be dealing with Warnings, they need A hard action :wink:


Those “vanished” warnings probably will come back to bite you, perhaps when you finally get the “nominated for TRS” notice and they manually check your records.

Simply not doing anything that will get you a warning seems a lot easier to me than stressing about how often you may do which kind of TOS violation in any given time period, when those black marks may be or may be not deleted from your records and so on.

Fiverr is also entitled to change their rules any time they care to, so they might decide any day that they count not just the past 30 but the past 180 or the past 365 days.
Better be safe than sorry isn’t always the best course of action but often.


Is there a way we can see the warnings we got, even after they vanish from the dashboard?

Sorry - I’ve got no idea I’m afraid, apart from asking CS?

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Depending on the severity of the issue, Fiverr may not pay much attention to a very old warning and it may not show up for the seller after 90 days.

Warnings are never completely deleted and are on your record that staff can see forever. Staff may consider very old warnings. If the Trust and Safety department thinks your account has a big problem, they may disable your account no matter how old the warnings are or how many you have.