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A free guveaway For everybody

Go to the link below and message me …I will send you a custom order that contains 5$ worth of free service 3


You said a Free Giveaway, which totally deceives, it should be “- $5 PROMO”. Plus your descrption doesn’t contains it, and buyers who see your gig on Fiverr won’t know that you offer that promo. Here is what I did on my gig:


It is actually free…i want people to see the quality…its not 5$ off its to get a 5$ order for free

You will work for free if a buyer want’s to purchase the $5.00 package?

Yes but its for a limited time so after like a couple of days i will delete this post


Get yours quickly before it ends

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You can write in the description, because there are not lot of buyers here!

Ok i will thanks for the advice…

One more thing, you won’t be able get reviews on free orders.


See that:

You are not able to send a custom offer for lower than $5.00 amount!

Oh i thought you get reviews thats why i wanted to do it


Thanks for telling me insects44 i will change my post now

Yea, I would like there to be such an option too and created a topic but no luck, everyone is against that. :frowning:

Oh well you cant win them all

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What do you do on your gigs?

And if you dont mind checking my gigs out i will give you a 5$ worth of free service with your order

If you want tips, here you go:

Read the before (after) asking:

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I checked your gig! It’s outstanding, but there are too many logo design sellers and it will be hard for someone to find exactly you.