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A free Tip for Sellers : How to Describe your GIG... :)


Hi Seller’s…
Today I’m going to tell you how to Describe your GIG:
On Fiverr GIG is every thing for you
If you have a Good GIG with awesome description then you must have Orders in your Queue List…

So how to make a GIG which have Orders in Queue…

First of All you must have to know in what field you are Expert
Then you have 3 Photos
These Photos will be used on your GIG
Photos must be related to the JOB…

These Things you must have:

  1. A Portfolio or a Blog which contains some samples of your Work(Which describes how much you are good in the field)
  2. A Describing Video

Now in the Description:

You must have to Describe your story (Who are you?)
Then you have to Describe (why you are Good in this field)
Then you have to Provide the Link (Blog Link)
Then you have to Describe (Why a Buyer Choose you)
Then you have to Describe (About your 3 Packages, what services you are providing)

That’s All…


I didn’t do all that and I have got more sales than you. Sorry.


Nice tutorial…


such a nice tips :slight_smile:


There’s a reason these tips are free. They’re practically worthless.


smile…Nice one




Wow I am impressed :joy:


Your service and your work thats all you need. If your service is better than others then buyer will must buy it.


Can you please tell me what is the importance of impression ?


Believe, understanding.


f you get a lot of impressions, it means your Gig is ranking in a visible position. If you have no impressions it means your Gig isn’t very noticeable.


How many impressions are required to get 1st order?


If you want order then you have to apply for the order in buyer section. Impression only make your gig visible


a lot!!! impressions do not count the more impressions you have it means there is chance to have orders.


Hmmmmm…thank you


Welcome :slight_smile:️saadiaa03. Have a great day.


Thank you ao much. Your information is so useful


thank you :blush:


If buyer given me a custom order then how may have impression. Is it same way? I have submitted a custom order job getting by buyer request just 2 days ago, buyer didn’t give me any reviews or any replies. Now what can I do? Please give me a suggestion. Just an hour I have got my 3rd order price without getting any reviews.