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A freelancers worst nightmare


As much as I love technology, sometimes relying on it can be frustrating.

I’ve just started getting regular orders on this website, after being on here a couple of weeks, and this morning, my laptop decided it didn’t want to work anymore. It wouldn’t charge very easily, so I was asking for it really, but I was hoping it’d last.

I had to go out and buy myself a new laptop on a buy-now-pay-later scheme so that I could continue with the orders I have due in a couple of days, as well as blogging work. So now I have to do everything I can to earn £600 in the next 9 months… It shouldn’t be too hard, right?

The lesson I’ve learned from this? Always have more than one way to access a computer/laptop/tablet at any one time if you’re a freelancer. Preferably access to technology that has the software you need on it available to you.

Have any of you had any technology nightmares lately?


such a situation is quite rare. But usually, most people can manage a backup device from a friend, family member etc. So, yes there should be an alternate option if you’re selling good and have tight deadlines to meet.


Yeah, that’s true–and great if you can borrow one from a friend or family member. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case in my situation, but I’m trying to see the positive side that if this happens again once I’m more established with freelancing, at least then I will be more equipped to deal with the situation.


A couple of weeks back my laptop was doing something similar where it would turn on briefly before cutting off. Later discovered that the battery wasn’t charging even though it was plugged in over night. Even when left alone for two days it didn’t budge so I had to utilize my home computer (which is shared by everyone in the house) for a while.

Our resident IT Department said I need another battery and to wait a while before going back to my laptop. The wait worked but I fell behind on a project because the files and program I needed were on the laptop.


::::::::: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: … it hit my heart …
:::::::::: kinda heartbroken … i’m feeling imagining about that situation … :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I can imagine that was super frustrating!


Yeah, I wasn’t best pleased at the time. I’m just remaining calm and catching up on the time I missed out with orders earlier in the day when I was researching the best laptops to buy at the least inexpensive cost.


A real freelancer knows how to build a laptop in 5-minutes out of twigs and coffee grinds!

More seriously, you should always have a backup or at least a backup hard disk or bootable USB to plug into an old laptop should it die. A good trick is to look for job lots of laptops on eBay.

Job lots are where people I presume to be thieves or the relatives of deceased nerds, sell bundles of broken laptops etc for $50 - $200 a time. You can find some real gems if you know how to cannibalize laptops and create Frankenstein machines.



That’s a really good idea, actually. My older brother manages to buy “broken” laptops off local selling groups for between £5-£20 and fixes them up relatively cheaply, so if it ever happens again, I’m definitely going to choose this option instead.


I have two laptops and two different internet providers. I was about to buy a third laptop until recently due to being unable to withdraw my earnings for unknown reasons. I have to continue paying for both internet services in spite of zero income.

I’m going out to the woods to scream loudly now.


You have just reminded me to back up my work :slight_smile:


I’ve seen your difficulty with drawing money out via Paypal recently. I have everything crossed that you’ll find a solution with Fiverr soon, as it must be really difficult for you to keep everything going with no valid income. I’d say reflect on the fact that you’ll have a big payout when they do finally sort it, but I’m sure at the moment, that’s the last thing on your mind.


YES! Always back up your work. That’s something I learned as a creative writer, after crying over several years of work I’d lost when a previous laptop broke. External harddrives are good if you want to keep lots of information safe, but these days, an online ‘cloud’ type storage is probably just as good.