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A fun forum post. What do some of these smileys mean?


o-> o=> o-+ A couple of stuck up high school girls

:-w “Well Well? Come on Come on. I haven’t got all day!!!”

:-@ What is this??? Bark Bark Bark Bark

:-& Barf

b-( “I got your nose!”

$-) “I am a greedy person!”

:O) Is this a pig or a clown or what is this???

:-t “Time Out”

=; “Talk to the hand cause the face don’t wanna listen!!!”

*-:slight_smile: A light bulb head or a really deformed person

8-} “babababababababa”

[…] Storm Trooper from Star Wars or Cylon from Battlestar Galatica

3:-O A cow with its nose stuck up in the air…

:-B “Duh!”

:^o “You’re a freakin liar”

[-X “Nah uh uh!”

@-) “I am a wimpy person who gets hypotized a lot!”

:-c “Call me, Sweetie. We’ll have lunch. Ok?”

<):slight_smile: “Howdy maam”…A John Wayne Smiley


I thought people would enjoy this one. No?


Reply to @madmoo: >>>>>>ok, I give up - they’re ALL about me!

That doesn’t make sense. How can a madmoo be both too cool for school and a loser at the same time? Is there such a thing as a “too cool loser”? Let’s just say that you’re too cool for cowschool. LOL


Reply to @madmoo: Trust me, you’re too cool for cowschool.


Reply to @madmoo: I notice the same thing. It must be a bug in the jQuery somewhere. You can actually see this if you turn on Firebug on Firefox. You should see an error every time you open the smiley pull down.

This is still my favorite smiley: o-> o=> o-+ 3 stuck up high school chicks!




>:/ - Never Knock the Smileys!


Reply to @madmoo: What numbers?


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: =; = Talk to the hand. LOL


Anyone else find this fun?


Yes, Skype has smileys for beer mugs and a pizza pie which I have used with certain Skype members.


~:> - I’m thinking KFC! XD


(*) Let me be a sheriff m/


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Very funny, Oranje!


Reply to @caiterz: Good one! You makin’ me hungry!


I like the John Wayne Smiley, Haha. Made me laugh.


[…] - This reminds me of the Zombies from the SNES game, Earthbound


Reply to @caiterz: Yes Zombies


Reply to @oranjegirl: I thought that one was funny.


:slight_smile: i like these