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A Genuine Seller - Commending the work of a translator

Recently I have been trying to have a text translated from English to French. I originally had a wonderful individual who translated the text by hand and it was authentic and genuine. I was able to use and publish it as I wanted.

I have since lost this contact and I had to search for another translator that could offer the same quality. I told myself “No Problem, tons of translators on Fiverr” … boy was I wrong.

I bought a gig from the first seller and received the translation very fast. I opened it, read through it and decided to compare it with a copy and paste of the Google translation… DING DING DING, 98% match. I stumbled upon a GOOGLE PLAGIARIZER. Copies and pastes results and skims through the text quickly to catch the Google mistakes. The first translator that did this to me made awful mistakes it was a real joke.

The second seller that did this to me was much more careful with the corrections and only made one error however, still a 97% Google Translation match. I’m assuming people aren’t aware that plagiarism checkers exist and one only has to compare the Google results with Seller results.

I have found a new translator that does produce GENUINE translations. I am willing to put my name on the line for her work. Her Username is Frenchshrimp and her Gig can be found here:

I have all the comparison proof required alongside my ability to read french to say that this Gig is genuine and the translation offered by Frenchshrimp is 100% done by hand, by her. She deserves to be recognized for this and not thrown into the pile with the Google Plagiarizers.

Slap a genuine sticker on her.


Concerned for the Fiverr buyers who cannot verify the translations they receive from their sellers.

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