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A gift for someone special to you

Will you like to say “I love you” to that one very special person?
Will you love to say “thank you” in a special way to that very nice person?

We will professionally design a whiteboard video for this purpose


That’s a great . I have an idea for you. It’s great if you can add a video according to your gig title for this gig. So your clients get an idea about your gig. Good luck.


Thanks @creationdaddy
I will surely do that

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Thanks @creationdaddy
Fiverr Team has approved one my samples as gig video. Can you please help me check. Can that video motivate someone to buy?

Kindly criticize the video so that I’ll know how to improve it.

One person already bought the gig some days ago. The person did not reply to any of my messages. She marked the order as complete but didn’t leave any message or review.