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A Gig change can cost you more than you think

Hello Everyone.Today I am going to share with you something which I have experienced myself in the recent past.

So back in April this year when I joined Fiverr, there were quite a few chances that you could make any alterations without having any trouble (at least I made quite a few without having any trouble back then).

Recently I had to make a few changes to my gigs (3 of them) so I altered them. It was the time when my gigs where ranking high and was getting quite a good amount of orders on daily basis. But, soon after I made a few changes in my gigs, I noticed that I was all of a sudden receiving less and less orders and soon they were vanished. I was stunned at this so I thought to search my gigs in the search results where to my expectations I found none of them. Worried at this, I contacted Fiverr CS and found that the the gigs after any alterations shall be subjected to review by the Fiverr team. Worried already enough, I made a ticket for all of my gigs.

After that I got the same conventional auto-reply saying “There is a lot of work load and your request may take upto 10 days to get resolved”. After that I had to wait for more than a week or so to receive the delightful response “Hey Hassan your gigs are back”. In the meantime when my gigs were out of sight, I received almost no orders except for the ones I received through responding to buyer request.

The problem isn’t that the Fiverr team wants to review the gig changes, but actually it is that the review process is taking way too long which results in sellers loosing many potential clients.

I expect the Fiverr team will work on this and will try to make the CS response rate higher than what it is nowadays

I am not sure if I am the only one who underwent such experience. If you have been through this too, please don’t forget to share yours and state any update on this one

Thanks for reading

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