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A Gig Denial Issue (Moved from Evaluation Day Thread)

2 of my top selling gigs have been removed after being active for more than 4 years. There was no prior notice, no chance to ‘‘edit’’ in case that new TOS have, all of a sudden, made them inappropriate for some reason… How unprofessional and unfair! All my hard work, time, effort, positive reviews and 5* are simply, gone. Of course, it’s only a matter of time when someone might decide that all the other gigs are no good
any more neither.

If it’s not in their interest to motivate me to move up from level 2 to a Top rated they should at least respect all these years invested in being a 100% positive Fiverr’s seller.

So, shall I (we) continue working under a 24/7 stress that everything I’ll continue building from a scratch might vanish again?

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@dudettenatalija I’m sorry this happened to you!

What kind of gigs were they so we may know what type is being removed?

I have been having the same issue. Although mine is at 95%, I absolutely do answer all messages and I answer them several times a day and night so there could never be more than a 10 hour wait - if I am sleeping. I have asked for them to consider marking new messages, as they are all mixed together, or giving a time left limit as shows for delivery time, because as it is we cannot see if any were missed within the 24 hours. I just cannot seem to get it higher than 95% no matter what, sigh…

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Lifestyle@fun - arts@crafts… modeling.
Nothing offensive nor rude in any way.

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@dudettenatalija Were you holding a sign or putting a message on something?

No, I was just offering my modeling services which was fine for over 4
years now.

That’s very strange. I see so many models. Sorry about this!

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Oh, wow! The modeling gigs are toast, too? :hushed: Ouch

Did you receive a “Not in Fiverr Editorial focus” spiel?

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Yes, nikavoice and they keep replying that they can’t share more info nor
will my gigs be restored.


Oh, no!

Gosh, I really feel sorry for you! :worried:

I know it sucks having the rug snatched from beneath your feet without notice.
The hard work; the sweat; the years; the dedication all went down the drain.
It’s like Fiverr is mowing down gigs left and right.

It’s like what and who is next? Keeping people on their heels! :high_heel::high_heel:

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Thanks for supporting me by understanding… We’ll see how it goes from now
on. Good luck to you as well. :blush:

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