A gig for a gig



I got an idea: There is a list below in this first post that I always will update.

This list contains users who perhaps would buy a gig from someone else in exchange to get an own gig bought by him.

The username and profile URL is shown in the list. You can check out the active gigs and if you find

something you would like to buy in exchange to get one of your gigs bought contact the seller directly with a “gig for a gig” message.

Then he is able to check out your offers and perhaps he finds something that is in anyway useful or interesting for him.

You can arrange a gig exchange then. After you bought his gig and after it is delivered he buys your gig.

So anyone would like to try this out? I don’t know if there will be many arrangements and if it works well, but I thought it’s worth a try.

Here is the “A gig for a gig” list: